DappRadar Partners with bitsCrunch to Scale NFT Price Estimations

DappRadar Partners with bitsCrunch to Scale NFT Price Estimations
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Building together towards Web3 transparency and a better user experience

DappRadar is scaling and improving its product for NFT price estimations, and has decided to partner with bitsCrunch. Thanks to this partnership DappRadar users can expect more NFT price estimations powered by machine learning. 

Two years ago DappRadar pioneered the field of price estimations, applying machine learning algorithms to the trading activity for the CryptoPunks NFT collections. After that we expanded to more NFT collections on Ethereum. 

However, the NFT industry develops rapidly and has expanded to various blockchains. Following the true Web3 ethos, DappRadar now works together with bitsCrunch, because through collaboration everybody gets stronger. 

Blockchain analytics is getting more complex, and more diverse. Through bitsCrunch AI-driven technology Web3 explorers gain access to more NFT price estimations on Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. This helps them to make informed decisions about which NFT projects to dive into. 

At DappRadar we believe that following the Web3 ethos of collaboration is key to industry growth, while promoting transparency and providing a safer user experience. NFT price estimations can be found on various pages on DappRadar, including the Portfolio where users can track their token and NFT holdings across various chains.

We’re excited to be working with bitsCrunch on our ongoing efforts to provide Web3 explorers the best tools on the market. And following the recently published whitepaper, DappRadar is building towards a decentralized and community-governed ecosystem where everybody can participate and benefit from building the World’s Dapp Store. 

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