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DappRadar Astar Network earn staking APY ASTR tokens

Innovative staking mechanism to reward developers and participants

DappRadar is now part of the Astar Network dapp staking program, allowing users to earn passive income while also supporting their favorite projects. We invite the Astar Network community to vote and stake with DappRadar, and help us to open up the Astar ecosystem to the wider Web3 community.

DappRadar supports Astar Network by helping Web3 users to discover their dapps through our rankings, project pages and the Astar Network chain page. At DappRadar we believe discovery of decentralized applications to be among the major challenges moving forward, and we make these dapps findable through blockchain-powered metrics. 

In order to facilitate the ongoing development of new features, the implementation of key metrics, and technical maintenance of our services, we invite the Astar community to support us. You can do this by staking ASTR with DappRadar through Astar Network’s innovative dapp staking

Dapp staking explained in a nutshell 

Astar Network has implemented a unique feature to allow communities to support developers, and urged developers to grow their communities. Developers who deploy dapps on the network, earn rewards for doing so. You can see this as a basic income for developers. Users can stake their ASTR tokens with a certain project, and earn an APY while also supporting the developer. 

At every block, hence the name blockchain, a portion of the ASTR network awards will go to the dapp staking program. These rewards will then get distributed across the operators (developers) and the stakers. The idea is simple: developers earn rewards for building great dapps, and the community earn rewards for supporting their favorite projects. 

Consider supporting DappRadar.

How to stake ASTR with DappRadar

For this guide we assume you already have ASTR in your wallet. 

  • You can have ASTR on Astar Network or on Astar zkEVM. 
  • You can use EVM wallets like MetaMask or WalletConnect, or utilize native wallets like Talisman, Subwallet or Clover. 

A step-by-step guide on dapp staking

  1. Go to the dapp staking portal, and find DappRadar
  2. Connect your wallet with the ASTR tokens in it
  3. Click “Vote & Stake” 
  4. Select how much ASTR you want to stake. There’s a minimum of 500 ASTR, and you need to keep at least 10 ASTR in your wallet after staking. 
  5. Press “Confirm”, and confirm the transaction in your wallet. 

Congratulations, you are now staking your ASTR tokens with DappRadar. Thank you for supporting us in building the World’s Dapp Store.  

How much do you earn with dapp staking?

The rewards for dapp staking consist of two layers. Stakers receive basic staking rewards if they stake their tokens on a project for at least 1 full Era. Simply put, if you stake today you will start earning tomorrow, because that’s the first full day. At the time of writing, the basic rewards are set at 14.61%. This number is the same for all dapps in the ecosystem. 

In addition, the voting system consists of periods. When the amount of staked tokens is the same or higher during the while Build & Earn Subperiod, stakers will receive a bonus reward. This bonus is currently set to 5.28%. 

This means that stakers earn 14.61% up to 19.89% based on their loyalty to a project, and the maintained or increased amount of tokens that they staked. 

The promise of DappRadar

Together with the Astar community, we not only want to track dapps on Astar Network, but grow their influence across the Web3 community. We believe that the introduction of Astar zkEVM will open up new paths, and DappRadar can play a key role in the discovery of new and existing projects on Astar. 

Not only do we invite the Astar community to vote and stake with DappRadar, we also welcome you in the DappRadar DAO. As a RADAR token holder you have a say in the direction and the future of the World’s Dapp Store. Moreover, this means you can influence new initiatives within the DAO and its operations. 

DappRadar tracks dozens of blockchains and thousands of decentralized applications. We want to help the Astar community in making their ecosystem stand out. Stake with DappRadar, and help us to support you! 

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