DappRadar API Supercharges Leading Industry Products with Dapp Discovery

DappRadar API allows for Web3 discovery of blockchain applications
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Blockchain and dapp data made accessible to enhance new and existing products

DappRadar helps partners to enhance their products with blockchain and dapp data using the DappRadar API, making the discovery of Web3 applications easier than ever. The industry leading dapp discovery platform now has their API available to all. 

Decentralized applications, or simply dapps, come with their own unique set of metrics, stored as data on the blockchain. Instead of overloading users with terabytes of data, DappRadar presents dapp data in an understandable format. That’s the data now accessible through the DappRadar API. 

We already have various partners tapping into DappRadar to enhance the experience of their users, and let them discover dapps:

  • Leading crypto exchange OKX lists dapps in their OKX Wallet, while also serving a page for Web3 discovery. 
  • Crypto Potato uses DappRadar data to let their users get more insights about DeFi dapps
  • Tech company Opera taps into a custom version of the DappRadar API to let their Opera Crypto Browser users discover Web3 applications.  

Our clients tap into DappRadar and gain access to a wealth of clean and easy to understand data sets through the DappRadar API. This helps them to create better products, enhance the user experience and to provide more services to the end user.   

DappRadar API supercharges the industry

Any business in the blockchain space will find value in using the DappRadar API. It can supercharge any business in the Web3 industry. The DappRadar API can enhance products through Web3 discovery, support in enhancing user experience and security, and provide guidance for researchers and analysts in understanding the trends in the industry. 

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