DappRadar API to Help Wallet Users More Safely Navigate Web3

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DappRadar API integration helps Web3 wallet users to more safely discover, visit, and interact with the nearly 14,000 dapps in the DappRadar ecosystem

DappRadar is excited to announce that OKX, Kucoin, ZenGo, Bitkeep and Blockchain.com are among the first industry leading Web3 wallets testing the new safety use case of the DappRadar API. The DappRadar API provides access to an extensive database of smart contracts and domains which have been reviewed and listed on DappRadar, allowing wallet users to use dapps more safely. 

Through the DappRadar API integration, wallet users will be able to safely discover, navigate to and interact with nearly 14,000 dapps in the DappRadar ecosystem. The tool improves safety and increases consumer confidence in the Web3 space.

Most hacks in the Web3 space come from users connecting to malicious websites and smart contracts. The DappRadar API provides partners with an allowlist of smart contracts and domains listed on DappRadar. The allowlist warns users of unlisted contracts and web domains before these dapps can potentially do any damage. 

The DappRadar API warning system is an improvement from current blacklisting systems, as these systems flag a dapp when the damage has already been done. The DappRadar API provides an allowlist, warning users of potential dangers before they can do damage. We have built a database of more than a quarter million smart contracts through collaboration with our community of dapp developers. 

As a result, wallets integrating DappRadar’s API can enhance the safety of their users by confirming that websites and smart contracts are listed on DappRadar. This will reduce the risk of hacks from DNS attacks, phishing websites, domain hijacking and other types of scams. 

Billions of dollars in crypto stolen in 2022

In 2022, hackers and scammers managed to steal billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies through bridge exploits, phishing websites, and domain hijacks. On multiple occasions we’ve seen Discord servers hacked, while the hackers promoted a fake airdrop or free NFT claim. Users who interact with these dodgy dapps often have their wallets completely drained. This is an example of the type of exploit that the DappRadar API Warning System can help to prevent. 

DappRadar is building the World’s Dapp Store, a decentralized dapp discovery ecosystem where different stakeholders contribute. Dapp developers add contracts, contributors verify these smart contracts, and users discover the newest dapps on their favorite blockchain.

DappRadar API supercharges the industry

Any business in the blockchain space will find value in using the DappRadar API, because it can supercharge any business in the Web3 industry. The DappRadar API can enhance products through Web3 discovery, support in enhancing user experience and security, and provide guidance for researchers and analysts in understanding the trends in the industry. 

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