How DappRadar API Helps Developers, Ecosystems and Product Owners

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The DappRadar API provides all kinds of benefits to those developing businesses in Web3, ranging from dapp developers to product owners, and from dapps to entire blockchain protocols. The DappRadar API can help to benchmark success, set up business goals, and keep an eye on industry trends. 

DappRadar doesn’t want to build a walled garden. Instead we are building an open ecosystem in an effort to bring decentralized applications (dapps) to as many people as possible. That’s why we launched our API. 

Thanks to the DappRadar API, businesses can integrate our data directly into their existing applications. There’s no need to scrape or clean data, because DappRadar has already done that. While there are competitors providing NFT data or DeFi data, nobody provides the extensive overall data range as DappRadar does. We provide dapp data from any category across all tracked blockchains. 

What data can you find in the DappRadar API

In the DappRadar API you can find a wide range of data from all DeFi dapps, NFT collections, blockchain games and so on. We can divide the available data in 2 sections:

  1. DappRadar NFT API
  2. DappRadar Dapps API

Let’s look at these two data sets in a bit more detail.

DappRadar NFT API 

Thanks to the DappRadar NFT API you get access to NFT collection data, including number of traders, trading volume, and historical data across different time frames, and more. 

DappRadar Dapps API 

Through the DappRadar Dapps API you get access to dapp data, including Unique Active Wallets, number of transactions, descriptions, name, logo, and more. 

What can you do with the API? 

Using the DappRadar API, companies, developers and product owners get access to all the data they need to analyze their success or expand their product. 

  • Dapp developers can analyze the success of their dapp against competitors, using metrics that are core to their business. 
  • Companies can use the API to complement their existing products such as news pages, Web3 wallets, discovery platforms and so on. 
  • Product owners can add extended value to their products without spending an incredible amount of resources. 

How to get started with the API?

Those who are interested in the DappRadar need to go to the API landing page and pick their package. DappRadar also offers the option for a custom API package. Get in touch with our team for more information.

Those who are curious on how to implement the API in their platform, can dive into the DappRadar API documentation. There you can learn more about how to implement NFT and dapp data into your product.

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