DappRadar API Very Suitable for AI-Powered Applications

DappRadar API Blobr AI compatibility score
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API developer platform Blobr gave a score of 90/100

According to API developer portal Blobr, the DappRadar API is well equipped to support developers building tools using AI. The portal did a comprehensive analysis of the AI compatibility of various API offerings, and DappRadar’s scored 90/100. 

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and OpenAI’s Chat GPT in particular, it’s becoming more common to let AI support in software development. Implementing APIs into existing products can only be easily done, when the API follows quality standards. Blobr has praised the DappRadar API with an almost perfect score. 

The analysis by Blobr covered technical features such as operation IDs for API endpoints, a clear data model, and low data payloads. Moreover, DappRadar’s API documentation received praise for endpoint parameter descriptions, use case examples and handling of error messages.

Different DappRadar API packages

The DappRadar API supports endpoints that benefit all kinds of users within the Web3 ecosystem. Traders can create their own models, combining dapp data with cryptocurrency prices. At the same time dapp developers and investors can use the API to create data sets that analyze the performance of their projects. 

In May this year, DappRadar introduced the $9,99 Trader tier for its API, providing crypto traders with an API package that comes with 2,500 data calls per month. With packages tailored for advanced users and startups, the DappRadar API offers packages for all. 

DappRadar API use cases

API endpoints provided by DappRadar are very versatile, and our data can be used for a wide variety of use cases. Below some examples:

  • Crypto Potato uses DappRadar data to let their users get more insights about DeFi dapps
  • Tech company Opera taps into a custom version of the DappRadar API to let their Opera Crypto Browser users discover Web3 applications 
  • Web3 security company Blockfence built a browser extension that gives confidence to users when interacting with dapps. It warns when something fishy is going on.

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