DappRadar and the Rise of the World’s Dapp Store

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From 2018 to 2021 and beyond

DappRadar didn’t become the World’s Dapp Store overnight, the journey started during a weekend in 2018. What started as a website tracking data from the blockchain has become the most prominent discovery platform for dapps. 

DappRadar started 3 years ago as a weekend project, and quickly became the leading platform for accurate blockchain and dapp data. In the past year, DappRadar almost doubled the number of blockchains it tracks, while growing its user base to 4.1 million unique users this calendar year (measured until mid-November). The number one dapp store already attracts 1 million users per month. It’s the number one platform for dapp discovery and insights. 

By providing insightful data, tools and analysis, DappRadar has become a go-to platform for those interested in dapps. No matter what the hype, DappRadar suits the needs of the market. We cover almost 30 different blockchain protocols, ranging from Ethereum to Polygon and from Avalanche to Solana. DappRadar tracks NFT sales, while also keeping track of all value moving in and out of every DeFi platform on the market. DappRadar tracks investments and sales in the metaverse, and leads the play-to-earn revolution with insightful data. 

DappRadar tracks, analyzes, educates and provides the tools for users to track and make well-informed decisions. We’re now tracking almost 100.000 smart contracts, filtering relevant data to educate users. These users trusted DappRadar more than 7.3 million times to try out a certain dapp. The number of users DappRadar introduces to DeFi, NFT, and play-to-earn gaming has seen 771% growth when compared with 2020. The story doesn’t end here, it’s only beginning.

Further growth for the World’s Dapp Store

Over the past months, we’ve seen rising interest from users, companies, developers, protocols and so on. Users want to find the next cool dapp, while everybody building in the dapp ecosystem wants to have their creations discovered by a larger audience. With over 1 million users per month, DappRadar has become the premier dapp store. In addition, the World’s Dapp Store added multiple blockchains to their platform in the past months, including Solana, Ronin, Harmony and more. The DappRadar ecosystem is expanding fast, adding more blockchains every month and more dapps every day. 

DappRadar invites the community to participate in growing the World’s Dapp Store even more. The RADAR token will give holders influence, while contributors receive RADAR as a reward for their efforts. DappRadar is becoming a community-owned dapp store where everybody can join, discuss, propose, contribute, build, and earn rewards. The next chapter for DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store, will be written together with you, the community.

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