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Building the World’s Dapp Store together with the Web3 community

DappRadar asks all Web3 community members to heed the call, and join the DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program. Active, passionate and knowledgeable people within the community will get a chance to rise up, and kickstart this new community effort. 

The DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program is a community-led initiative aimed at increasing brand awareness, driving user acquisition, and fostering engagement. This program seeks to expand the DappRadar ecosystem and establish relationships with dapp communities and other DAOs by creating a community of enthusiastic brand advocates. 

DappRadar Ambassadors play a critical role in contributing to the growth of the World’s Dapp Store, and empowering users to participate in Web3. The DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program will last for 2 months, after which feedback will be used to shape future Ambassador Programs. DappRadar DAO has approved the program with a vote that ended on 8 May 2023. 

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These are the 5 Ambassador roles

For now there are Ambassadors for the following roles:

  • Brand Ambassador (Outreach Wizard)
  • Community Builder (Community Knight)
  • Content Creator (Content Alchemist)
  • Educator (Knowledge Sensei)
  • Analyst (Analytics Sage)
DappRadar Ambassador program roles

Selection process

  • Application process will open up for 10 days from 9 May to 19 May
  • Interview and screening period will be from 19 May till the 27 May
  • Select and announce the ambassadors on the 30 May
  • Kick-off Season 0 on the 5 June.

What’s in it for you? 

The DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program has a budget of 200,000 RADAR. This budget will be distributed equally between the 5 ambassadors across each of the two months. That means 20,000 RADAR per ambassador per month. 

Aside from the financials, being an Ambassadors also comes with these amazing perks:

  • Networking opportunities with industry experts and community members
  • Professional career development through training, mentoring and collaboration
  • Recognition and rewards for contributions to the DappRadar community
  • Shaping the Web3 industry by contributing to the World’s Dapp Store
  • Building your own reputation and brand by being associated with a leading Web3 platform
  • A booster for your resume by adding the role of DappRadar Ambassador 

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