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All you want to know about the portfolio tracker, token swap, and other features on DappRadar

This first DappRadar Community AMA is with Nick Rennie, our Head of Product. He’s involved in the development process of all our latest products. That makes him the ideal person to ask your questions. 

DappRadar has been servicing the community as the number 1 dapp discovery platform on the market for three years. 2021 has been a big year for all of us, as dapps and NFTs found mainstream attention. That’s why DappRadar has launched new products that appeal to our community. With this AMA we want to give you insight into our thought-process, and make you a part of our journey. 

QUESTION: What protocols does the Portfolio Tracker support, and are you planning to add more in the future? If yes, which ones? 

Nick Rennie: Our Portfolio Tracker currently supports ETH and BSC. We were one of the first to bring a portfolio service for BSC to market and we have more on the horizon. For example, we’re currently working on adding Polygon and expect to have that delivered in Q4. These aren’t the only ones however, and while I have to keep our roadmap under wraps for now, there’s more support planned.

QUESTION: Does your Token Swap support all crypto tokens?

Nick Rennie: We support all tokens across ETH, Binance and Polygon. Natively we support a select number of tokens. However, custom tokens are also supported and can be added by simply pasting the token address in the token search field within our Token Swap.

QUESTION: How much does trading tokens on DappRadar cost?

Nick Rennie: DappRadar does not charge any commission at this time, but bear in mind we use 0x as our exchange aggregator, so there could be network fees. We do our best to keep this as transparent as possible.

QUESTION: Can I swap UNI tokens to CAKE tokens on your Token Swap?

Nick Rennie: No, unfortunately not. DappRadar does not have a protocol bridge at this time…..but that isn’t to say it’s not a service we won’t provide in the future.

QUESTION: Are you planning to add more features to your Portfolio Tracker?

Nick Rennie: Absolutely, yes! Our Portfolio Tracker was launched just under a year ago and we’re already in version 2 with many new features added since we first launched. The Portfolio Tracker itself has become so popular, it’s now part of our core product at DappRadar, so we have a huge amount planned for early Q4. 

We already discussed new protocols, but amongst that, we will be adding some really cool NFT features along with a planned expansion of our DeFi tracker too. I’m going to shamelessly plug it now, but sign up to our newsletter, become a member at DappRadar, or simply subscribe to one of our channels and our team will make sure you are the first to know about these imminent new releases.

QUESTION: What’s the point of the single NFT page? What’s the benefit for me?

Nick Rennie: Our NFT page gives you a beautiful way to view your NFTs. We support all media formats including 3D, movies, sound, and more. It’s an amazing way to view them in their full glory across any compatible device. However, we built it with a lot more in mind… 

We currently provide the ability to view your NFTs, view transaction history, and also provide you with the means to transfer your NFTs to another user (if you are the owner). Moreover, you are able to view the reputation through our Asset Strength tool providing information on: 

  • Smart contract verification 
  • Off or on-chain data storage 
  • Off or on-chain metadata 

From this information, we’re able to deliver a strength score which is valuable when purchasing new NFTs. We’re also planning on much more functionality across this product area in the next quarter so once again, sign up for those updates!

What new features are you planning for this year?

Nick Rennie: I would love to share our roadmap with you, but sadly, that is not going to be possible 

However, I can say we have big plans for DappRadar and I’m incredibly excited to be part of this. We will be transforming DappRadar into the ecosystem we believe our users are looking for, but also retaining and developing our industry-leading rankings and data. 

Over the course of the year, we’ll be steadily expanding our portfolio and integrating it further into our ranking data. We’ve learned it’s important for our users to have the tools they need at the tip of their fingers in order to make the best investment choice regardless of whichever dapp they are interacting with. 

So much of our focus will be around this. I’ve already provided a few hints along the way, but we have some big updates coming in early Q4 so once again, watch this space!

QUESTION: I saw that you’ve added a fiat on-ramp, but it’s only available for users in a few countries. When will it be available worldwide?

Nick Rennie: Sadly this is a limitation of KYC from the payment service provider and is out of our control. We have been working closely with Wyre and they are working to bring payments to more countries and jurisdictions, along with more blockchain options. 

The good news is that through Wyre, we do support ETH, BSC (BUSD), and Polygon (in the form of Matic USDC), so you can deposit in your favourite blockchain, and then use our token swap to exchange to the token you desire.

QUESTION: How can I work with my 3 different wallets on DappRadar?

Nick Rennie: Very simply. While we currently only support ETH and BSC on our Portfolio Tracker, you can add an unlimited number of wallets on your watchlist. While you don’t need a DappRadar account, it’s highly recommended as it means you can sync your account information (and therefore wallet lists), across multiple devices. 

To access the wallet manager, just tap on your address within the portfolio as shown on the screenshot allowing you to enter any number of addresses. You can then switch between them easily. 

Moreover, the wallet manager allows you to rename your wallets (so you can find them easily), view your recently viewed wallets, and if you find a particularly interesting wallet, you can add this to your watchlist easily by tapping the “+” icon. If you are like me and you spend endless hours browsing different wallets, this is a great way to manage your own content and your favourites.

QUESTION: Is there a way for me to see the history of my NFTs? How much they’ve been traded?

Nick Rennie: Yes, you can, and it’s one of the great features of the single NFT page. Simply open up the wallet with the NFT you want to view, tap on it to open it within the Single NFT page then open up the transaction history tab at the bottom of the page.

QUESTION: What do you think about options of NFT staking on your platform as a joint venture with others, like for example BSC, SOL and ETH projects?

Nick Rennie: It’s something we’re looking at now and could well be on the horizon as we develop our product. (Both for NFTs or ERC-20 tokens). You also mentioned collaborating with multiple partners and this is something we do already and will definitely consider in this space.

QUESTION: How do you measure the asset strength for the NFTs?

Nick Rennie: We’re still tweaking the algorithm behind the asset strength indicator for NFTs (hence it’s still in beta), but we look at three different criteria to ensure an item is either fully decentralized, partially, or not at all. With those three variables, we calculate a score to determine the strength of the asset. Our editorial team has put together a great article on this topic and I highly recommend reading it.

QUESTION: Why don’t you track all the NFT collections on your page?

Nick Rennie: I couldn’t agree more. It’s just been a matter of time and priorities to develop our product, but we’re working on this now and it’s coming soon. Just to add to that….if there are any collections missing that you want to see, please let us know and we’ll work on that! You can also simply submit them on https://features.dappradar.com/

QUESTION: What’s the advantage of your Token Swap over another DEX?

Nick Rennie: For starters, it’s on DappRadar, so that should make it an instant go-to! *wink*

But in all seriousness, our exchange has been built from the ground up and we use 0x as an aggregator for, exchanges. One of the main reasons to use it, is that 0x is aggregating all the main liquidity sources (PancakeSwap, BunnySwap, PantherSwap, QuickSwap, Uniswap, SushiSwap, 1inch, etc) on BSC, Ethereum, or Polygon. So you’ll always get the best quotes. Plus their optimizations are giving you the lowest transaction fees on the market.

This way, we can give you the best possible prices at that time. Moreover, we support three blockchains (ETH, BSC and Polygon….with more planned), and DappRadar does not charge a commission on any exchange at this time. 

We’re also looking to expand the product further this year and we’ll be integrating it within our entire ecosystem. Get the data you want, and exchange there and then on DappRadar.

QUESTION: Why am I not winning in any of your airdrops? I am always participating!

Nick Rennie: I ask myself that each time I play the lottery! Unfortunately it’s simply the luck of the draw. Keep taking part and you never know! Next time it could be you. 

Sneak peak: There could also be a few changes down the line that could influence this. Watch this space, sign up to our updates and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks everybody for participating in this AMA, and Nick, thank you for your time. Keep an eye out for more announcements and AMAs in the near future. 

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