What is DappLaunch, the Growth Hub for Early-Stage Web3 Projects

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A complete guide answering all the questions you may have

DappRadar announced DappLaunch, and we know you may have many more questions about this exciting new endeavor. That’s why we created this guide to provide all the answers to the questions you may have. 

This guide was last updated on 18 June 2024. We will expand on this document based on community feedback. Find our team on Discord.

Based on when you read this, new developments may have expanded or altered the project. However, the idea remains the same: building a Web3 growth hub together with top-tier industry partners to support promising projects in reaching their full potential. 

What is DappLaunch?

DappLaunch is a growth program for early-stage projects building in Web3. It’s also the next step in the evolution of DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store. DappRadar already allows developers to make their Web3 projects discoverable, while letting users find projects through industry leading metrics. However, DappLaunch aims at providing support for developers and discovery options for users even before launch. 

It’s a decentralized incubation and project growth service, powered by industry leading organizations to support the most interesting projects of tomorrow.  

Three participant groups in the DappLaunch ecosystem

In the DappLaunch ecosystem we can generally identify three types of participants.

  1. Developers, this group is building and needs help to launch their project.
  2. Users, the group is looking for investment opportunities in early-stage projects.
  3. Partners, who make up the committee of DappLaunch and provide support for developers

Curated, but free of charge for developers

Web3 projects that meet our criteria can apply to become part of DappLaunch. The selection committee, consisting of select partners from the web3 ecosystem, curates which projects can become part of the program. Web3 projects do not need to pay for DappLaunch, and they also do not need to give up equity. 

Eligibility and criteria

As mentioned, only curated projects can join DappLaunch. This also means that every project needs to meet certain criteria to be considered. 

  • Only Web3 projects, building tools or applications in DeFi, NFTs, gaming etc.
  • Early stage projects (pre-launch / TGE or in the first year following launch 
  • A development team with a vision, innovative concept and ability to deliver.
  • Willingness to engage with the DappLaunch platform, the program and its partners.

Benefits of DappLaunch for developers

Being part of DappLaunch gives development teams access to a variety of services that help to grow their product. DappRadar already onboards 300 new projects every month, and by connecting these projects with our partners we aim to grow together. Early stage projects can for example benefit from DappLaunch by growing their community and user base, getting advice from experts on gamification or tokenomics, or perhaps marketing support. 

We have identified 4 types of services DappLaunch can provide, but more may be added in the future as the platform develops and more partners join. 

User acquisition, promotion, and community building

Showcasing products on DappRadar and partner websites, gamified community building through for example Quests and Boosting, and promotional events and AMAs. 

Mentorship & advisory services

Partner support from tokenomics, gamification and Web3 gaming experts.

Access to Web3 infrastructure services 

Partners could provide free credits or discounted services to DappLaunch participants.

Grants and funding

Projects could secure funding or grants through DappLaunch thanks to the partners. This could include gamified grants, or other types of funding.

DappRadar PRO Members

DappRadar PRO users will get access to new and upcoming Web3 projects. Instead of aping into projects found through social media platforms, DappRadar and its partners curate each participant in the DappLaunch program. 

Through gamification products like Quests, rewarding airdrops for DappRadar PRO members, IDO investment opportunities, and playful NFT drops, users can discover and engage with products and communities even before the team launched the project. 

That way DappLaunch adds another layer of potential rewards for PRO membership holders, which results in an increased number of PRO members and therefore demand for the RADAR token.  

How developers join DappLaunch

Projects will need the support of at least one of the partners to be considered for DappLaunch. After that nomination, the project still needs approval from the committee. 

  1. Make sure your project is listed on DappRadar. You can do that here 
  2. Submit your application for DappLaunch through DappRadar here
  3. Your project will then be evaluated by the selection committee
  4. Top projects will be selected to the program on a rolling bases

The DappLaunch program takes a maximum of one year, and we expect a project to launch within that year.

How to become a DappLaunch partner

Every new partner in the program needs to provide value to the developers. The way partners provide value can differ based on their nature, but in general we see these requirements: 

  • Partners need to serve projects in the Web3 space
  • A strong reputation is a must
  • Partners need to provide on-going or temporary benefits to developers in the program

How to become a DappLaunch Selection Committee partner

Once new partners have been accepted to DappLaunch, there’s a variety of requirements for the Selection Committee:

  • Nominate promising early-stage projects for inclusion in DappLaunch
  • Participation in the project selection process for DappLaunch is expected
  • Partners must buy and lock at least 10,000,000 RADAR

Your role in the Selection Committee

Partners in the DappLaunch program have one vote, no matter their reputation or locked RADAR tokens. Every partner has one vote. 

Every committee member or partner needs to contribute by nominating projects for the initial selection. While every committee member is also expected to vote on nominees introduced by other members. It’s expected that every committee member reviews the nominations carefully to ensure top-notch projects enter the program.

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