DappLaunch to Change the Way Early-Stage Web3 Projects Go To Market

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Backed by industry-leading projects, services and media in the Web3 space

DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store, is excited to announce DappLaunch, a Web3 launch and growth hub which supports curated, top early-stage projects. DappLaunch is backed by launchpads, ecosystems, media, and service providers throughout the Web3 space, including NEAR, Polkastarter, OKX Wallet, AWS, Cointelegraph Accelerator, CredShields, Lunar Strategy, Chainwire, CryptoPotato, EtherMail, Cere Network, Fractal ID, and CitizenD.

Over the past 6 years DappRadar has listed over 16,000 dapps across more than 60 different blockchain ecosystems, bringing millions of new users to projects in the Web3 ecosystem. Building on that successful foundation, top-tier projects can stand out by getting access to DappLaunch, the ultimate one-stop shop in their go-to-market strategy. 

DappLaunch aggregates opportunities and services from its partners, making it an absolute premium initiative for any project looking to have an edge over their competition. Projects accepted into DappLaunch can get support to acquire funding, improve user acquisition through gamification, premium advertising opportunities, utilize industry-leading Web3 services, and receive the marketing amplification required to build a strong community of passionate users. 

By collaborating with top-tier industry partners and leveraging the DappRadar platform and community, DappLaunch offers a unique ecosystem where Web3 projects, users, and the DappLaunch partners meet and thrive together. Projects can apply at no cost, while selection to the initiative is based on merit and decided by a decentralized selection committee. 

DappLaunch is here to help promising Web3 projects reach their true potential thanks to our partners, allowing projects to build a community of engaged, involved and passionate users. Not only will DappLaunch play an integral role in the discovery process for Web3 enthusiasts, but it also aligns with our efforts to build the World’s Dapp Store. We will welcome new projects on DappRadar, and support them early in their go-to-market process. 

Examples of key benefits for Web3 Projects

  • Funding and grants: Through the various partners in the DappLaunch program, projects can find opportunities for funding and grants through launchpads, VCs and blockchain ecosystems.
  • Gamified user acquisition: Through on-chain Quests and other gamified user acquisition tools, projects can create a user acquisition funnel. While media coverage through the partners can amplify these initiatives.
  • Early community building: DappLaunch can help projects to find their community of early believers, testers and enthusiasts that can help to amplify every message projects want to share. Through gamification, user activations, and media reach, projects can create their community of early supporters.
  • Launch support: Various partners in the program provide the building blocks to support projects in their go-to-market strategy. No matter whether we’re talking about launchpads for new tokens, community management, or listing tokens on an exchange, the DappLaunch partners can support a project.
  • Premium Web3 tools and services: The costs for launching and managing a Web3 project can be pretty steep, but partners in the DappLaunch hub offer tools for free or with a serious discount. 

Introducing the DappLaunch Selection Committee

DappLaunch will be available free of charge, but projects need to meet the criteria before being accepted as a part of this powerful and revolutionary service. Every application will be reviewed by the DappLaunch Selection Committee, currently consisting of key team members of the following core partner companies: 

  • DappRadar
  • OKX Wallet
  • Polkastarter
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • NEAR Protocol
  • Cointelegraph Accelerator
  • CredShields
  • Lunar Strategy
  • Chainwire
  • CryptoPotato
  • EtherMail 
  • Cere Network
  • Fractal ID
  • CitizenD

Moving forward, new committee members need to buy and lock at least 10,000,000 RADAR, making them part of DappRadarDAO. This ensures that each committee member is aligned with the World’s Dapp Store. 

DappLaunch Partners Overview V3

Each of these partners brings services and discounts to the table that can benefit dapp developers looking for an edge. This can range from media exposure to advertising discounts, and from builder perks and credits to integrations into platforms. Read our FAQ for more information.

Criteria for joining DappLaunch

The committee ensures a high level of quality and standards for projects listed through DappLaunch. Moreover, this will allow users to discover top tier projects early in their development through Quests, exclusive DappRadar PRO airdrops and IDO opportunities. 

Projects need to meet the following criteria before applying to DappLaunch:

  • The project needs to be building in Web3, and will launch with a year
  • Project has a strong team with a clear vision
  • Team has willingness to actively engage with the DappLaunch program and its partners

DappLaunch propels Web3 projects to the forefront, maximizing growth and user acquisition. The service will support projects one year before, until one year after launch. Developers can apply now, and benefit from being part of the DappLaunch program supported by a top-tier network of key industry partners.

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