Dapp of the week: SuperRare


Digital collectibles on the rise

Digital art doesn’t often get to ride on the blockchain hype train, but the sector is slowly building up its momentum.

Leading the pack is SuperRare, an Ethereum-based marketplace for single edition art pieces, which has announced that two years from launch it’s passed $1 million in revenues earned by artists who have sold over 7,300 artworks in the process. 

Defined by a very clean gallery-like UI, SuperRare is a simple dapp to use, both for artists and collectors, each of which generates their own pages as they respectively upload and sell art, and collect and trade art.

Clean User Interface

Indeed, one of the really important features of SuperRare as a blockchain-based product, is that as well as generating revenue by selling art, artists also earn a 10% commission if and when their art is resold.

The result is a steadily increasing growing market, albeit still small in terms of absolute numbers of collectors and total sales. 

To-date SuperRare’s peak daily activity is only 39 daily active unique wallets but within that group are some very active collectors, owning hundreds of artworks and happy to spend thousands of dollars in the process. 

Watch the full video review with Jon Jordan

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