CryptoKitties Suddenly Millions of Dollars in Trading

cryptokitties nft trading

Legacy project registered over $7 million in 24-hour NFT trading

Coming out of nowhere, CryptoKitties jumps back into action with 1919 ETH or more than $7,4 million in NFT trading volume over the past 24 hours. NFT collectors have been searching for legacy NFT collections from 2017 for the past months. Now they jumped on the collection that brought NFTs to the mainstream for the first time. 

NFT collectors and traders all knew that CryptoKitties would make a comeback. The company behind the NFT collection, Dapper Labs, even has plans to revitalize the collection on their new Flow blockchain. However, NFT collectors see value in true legacy NFT collections. NFT trading volume for CryptoKitties shot up 22,106% over the past 24 hours, trading 1,919.48 ETH or $7,27 million. 

This suddenly puts CryptoKitties on par with Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Art Blocks, both headliners in the NFT industry in the past weeks. There’s a story behind CryptoKitties that’s unmatched in the industry, being the first project supporting ERC-721 while also clogging the Ethereum blockchain. 

With more than 106,000 NFT holders and over 2 million cats in the entire CryptoKitties collection, picking the right ones can be challenging. DappRadar wrote a guide about the CryptoKitties valuation earlier this year. 

One NFT investor spent 145 ETH or more than $408,000 on two genesis CryptoKitties with mint numbers #92 and #98. This person seems to know what they are doing, because they also own two Autoglyphs with a $1,8 million valuation and 9 CryptoPunks worth more than $4,3 million. With $10,5 million in NFTs, this collector is truly an NFT whale. 

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