CryptoDrakeBall Blasts Past Competition on BSC

The number of unique active wallets rose 255% in 7 days

CryptoDrakeBall, one of the newest BSC-based games, is fiercely taking on big competitors like Crypto Zoon and MyDeFiPet. According to DappRadar data, the RPG-style game is currently fourth among all games on Binance Smart Chain for the past seven days. It is also the dapp with the highest percentage increase when it comes to new active wallets joining. 

In the past seven days, CryptoDrakeBall has attracted 255% more unique active wallets. The uptick in unique active wallets had a positive effect on the number of processed transactions as well. The platform accepted more than 2.95 million transaction requests, pushing the volume 114% to more than $19.3 million. 

As a rather new decentralized application on BSC, CryptoDrakeBall is performing surprisingly well. Some dapp fans have been overwhelmed and even discouraged by the outpour of new applications on BSC. However, the RPG game has managed to wave off concerns and attract an increasing amount of players. Here is the place to point out that Dragon Ball Z is not the same dapp as CryptoDrakeBall. However, the games do have similar design features.

CryptoDrakeBall NFTs

According to the official CrpytoDrakeBall website, the platform has successfully passed an audit by Tech Audit. The application was sent on August 5th. This means it has been less than 20 days since the platform verified its smart contracts. CryptoDrakeBall passed the audit with flying colors with zero issues or concerns raised. 

CryptoDrakeBall explores play-to-earn mechanics

Through combining NFTs and DeFi mechanics, CryptoDrakeBall brings play-to-earn mechanics to its users. The GameFi sector is exponentially growing across all chains, with BSC being one of the leaders at the forefront of this new movement in blockchain technology.

In order to offer players a reward mechanism in-game, CryptoDrakeBall relies on its native DBALL token. Whenever players compete in the arena and win, they receive DBALL tokens as a reward. NFTs represent all characters involved in the game. This means players can trade their heroes and purchase booster equipment from the in-game marketplace. 

This combination of NFT trading and a decentralized economy makes CryptoDrakeBall a true play-to-earn opportunity. Considering this it is no surprise that crypto enthusiasts are discovering games like CryptoDrakeBall and exploring the benefits of play-to-earn gaming. 

As a BEP-20 token, DBALL can be exchanged on most BSC-based swaps. If you’re curious to get your hands on some DBALL tokens, try out DappRadar’s new Token Swap service. You can easily swap between BNB and DBALL. 

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