CryptoBlades Draws in 200% More Players in a Week

Volume on the platform is up 380%

CryptoBlades, a Binance Smart Chain combat game, has attracted upwards of 200% more active users in the past week. The steady increase in users has also boosted the volume going through the platform. In seven days, CryptoBlades has secured upwards of $580,000 in transactions, which represents a 380% increase.

The influx of new users also resulted in a boost in the number of processed transactions. In just a week, CryptoBlades smart contracts processed upwards of one million transactions. 


Activity on the platform also moved to the CryptoBlades NFT marketplace. In the past seven days, the marketplace saw а 300% increase in the number of unique active users. 

The significant increase in activity has also pushed the game up in the weekly DappRadar Ranking. According to the data, CryptoBlades ranks second in the DappRadar BSC Games weekly ranking. 


CryptoBlades Giveaways

One of the main boosters for CryptoBlades was a week-long campaign of giveaways and airdrops. According to the platform’s Twitter account, several big airdrops rewarded players who joined the game’s Discord channel and community. 

Aside from the airdrops, the team also announced a raffle giveaway during which the platform will distribute fifty rewards of $100 each. The giveaway required players to follow, tweet, and retweet tagging the CryptoBlades account.

It seems that the extensive social media campaign the team behind the game set out on is doing its job. By incentivizing players to become part of the community, the platform also boosted activity and volume going through its smart contracts.

Adding the Wax community

CryptoBlades also announced that a new Wax Portal has been added to the game. This will allow players to complete transactions and pay gas fees in WAX. Integrating WAX payments on the platform brought forward a lot of excitement from the community, also contributing to the good performance of the game in the past week. 

CryptoBlades is one of the most popular play-to-earn blockchain games at the moment. Even with big-time competitors like Upland and Axie Infinity, the BSC combat game is climbing up the rankings. According to DappRadar data, the platform makes it to the top ten games across all monitored blockchains in the past seven days. 

As play-to-earn opportunities are starting to gain more and more traction among crypto enthusiasts, CryptoBlades is bound to remain a key focus in DappRadar analysis. Stay tuned to follow how the platform performs in the future. 

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