CryptoZoon Enters the BSC Gaming Craze

Ranks in top 10 games in just five days

CryptoZoon, one of the newest Binance Smart Chain games, is making huge strides of progress. In just five days, the dapp has already landed in the top ten Games on DappRadar. Attracting more than 32,000 unique active wallets, the Digital Creatures Universe is pushing for the top.

Blockchain-based games are a hot topic at the moment, and BSC is the home of some of the biggest winners in the sector. CryptoBlades, for example, has been outperforming long-time competitors like Axie Infinity, boosting BSC’s popularity as a blockchain for the gaming industry. 

Following in competitor’s footsteps, CryptoZoon aims to cash in on the collectibles craze, however, add a twist to it. According to the official website, CryptoZoon is inspired by the popular Pokemon franchise. The platform’s goal is to offer the best of both worlds, combining NFT collectibles with gaming mechanics and earning opportunities. 

The twist seems to be working as CryptoZoon has seen a tremendous influx of users in the past several days. Not only that, the platform’s smart contracts have processed upwards of 70,000 transactions since 28th July. 

The rise in unique active wallets and transactions has also boosted the volume passing through Crypto Zoon, helping it cross the $5 million mark. 

How does CryptoZoon work?

In order to start playing on CryptoZoon, you will need to acquire some ZOON tokens. ZOON tokens allow you to purchase collectibles, creatures, and other game-related items like creature eggs. Additionally, ZOON tokens are the reward for completing daily quests, essentially facilitating the play-to-earn element of the game. 

Once you have your ZOON tokens and a creature to play with, you can jump into the game universe. Fight Yaki Monsters, level up your weapons, and earn as you have fun. Importantly, you have to be sure you can beat the monster you’re fighting. Not all Yaki Monsters have the same strengths, so choose carefully. Boost your collection with various creatures, enhance their items and fight to defeat all Yaki Monsters. 

CryptoZoon is a great example of how NFTs, DeFi, and gaming can work seamlessly together. DappRadar will continue monitoring the development of this exciting new play-to-earn opportunity, so stay tuned. And if you’re looking to get your hands on some ZOON tokens, you can easily swap some BNB for them using the new DappRadar token swap service.

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