Crypto Raiders First Play-to-Earn Game to Integrate LOOT NFTs

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Dungeon crawler game integrates the Loot bag NFTs as rewards

Crypto Raiders, an NFT-powered dungeon crawler running on the Polygon blockchain, has announced its intention to integrate Loot bag NFTs as dungeon rewards. The move will see Crypto Raiders become one of the first external gaming projects to embrace the Loot NFT hype. Additionally, earning opportunities arrive as Loot bag owners who stake their NFTs can potentially earn passive income. 

Loot NFT owners will need to stake their assets to add their items to the Crypto Raiders master loot table. However, these users will also need to acquire and stake for example 1,000 RAIDER tokens. Furthermore, operational dungeons in Crypto Raiders will be free as they always were, but in the future, they will charge AURUM to run a dungeon. As a result, these dungeons will create revenue. When someone jumps into a Loot NFT dungeon, the Loot NFT owner will get a bit of AURUM once their item has been found. 


More simplistically put, when raiders decide to raid a special LOOT Dungeon, loot will be randomly dropped based on all the staked Loot bags. Whenever a piece of loot drops, whatever staking address owns that Loot will get a share of the AURUM the player paid to run the dungeon.

What is Crypto Raiders? 

In Crypto Raiders each player’s character is an NFT that the owner can upgrade using the gear they find in dungeons. As mentioned, there’s also a permadeath mechanic, which means that the NFT characters can die. The game uses two tokens: AURUM and RAIDER. AURUM is a variable-supply token with an initial mint of 1 billion tokens. Players will need to use the token for several in-game activities, including character creation, item crafting, enchanting, PVP duels, and entering dungeons. Players can earn AURUM by completing dungeons and quests. The difficulty of the tasks will influence the amount of AURUM tokens rewarded. Additionally, when players use a certain NFT character, they will earn a bonus percentage. 

RAIDER is the governance token of the platform with a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. Token holders can stake RAIDER to earn a percentage of the AURUM spent in the game. In addition RAIDER stakers will earn AURUM based on in-game activity.

What are LOOT NFTs? 

Loot for Adventurers is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain that launched on August 27th. Dom Hofmann, the creator of now-defunct video-sharing platform Vine created the collection. According to the official website, this is a selection of “randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on-chain”. Importantly, all visuals, stats, and power indicators are purposefully omitted. The main goal – give collectors the chance to interpret their NFT in any way they like. 

Each Loot NFT represents a bag of characteristics, with a total of 8,000 NFT Loot bags available during the primary sale. Each bag has a number, allowing collectors to identify and showcase their NFT. Every single Loot NFT consists of 8 characteristics, each pertaining to the following: chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, waist, and weapon. However, interpreting the various combinations is entirely up to the community. For more information about how Crypto Raiders will integrate with Loot NFTs visit their blog

Play-to-Earn Revolution 

As a play-to-earn revolution bubbles away, platforms are coming up with inventive ways to get a piece of the pie. The hype around Loot NFTs has been considerable since launching just a few days ago. So much so that the creator has announced another set of Loot NFTs. More Loot, the name given by the community, consists of a further 1,308,004 NFT bags, bringing the total for both collections to 1,316,005. Just like the original Loot collection, More Loot NFT bags are a combination of 8 character traits. The idea behind Loot NFTs is to allow creators and developers to build an ecosystem of derivatives based on the original collection. You can check out all derivative projects on the dedicated DappRadar Loot page

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