Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds Leading the GameFi 2.0 Era

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CEBG is a play-to-earn blockchain game with an NFT upgrading system

Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) is the first blockchain-based battle royale action game with an anime visual style, showing that GameFi is moving into its 2.0 era. Action gameplay mixed with play-to-earn mechanics, upgradable NFT heroes and in-game tokens, highlight that the gaming element in GameFi 2.0 becomes more important. Notably, CEBG has closed an angel round led by KuCoin Ventures.

GameFi has always been associated with gamified DeFi, adding just a tidbit of interaction but no fun. Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) changes that by creating a product that’s actually fun to play. Furthermore, the game features play-to-earn mechanics, in which players can upgrade their NFT heroes using in-game tokens, CEC and CEG. Notably, the NFT upgrade process is accompanied by the consumption of lower-level NFTs. As a result, NFTs in the CEBG ecosystem will always carry value.  

According to February Dapp Industry Report, the blockchain game sector slightly underperformed compared to last month. The gaming sector registered a 49% sharing of the industry’s activity, dropping 3% compared to January. However, it is normal for the gaming sector to see a slight dip in statistics due to the bearish market of cryptocurrency. Moreover, in the field of blockchain games,  from gameplay to tokenomics, there is considerable room for improvement. At present, many teams have come to realize this problem. 

Fortunately, many ambitious teams are trying to create an era of GameFi 2.0 with optimization in both user experience and tokenomics. Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) is an excellent example of how the gaming market actively evolves GameFi into its 2.0 version. 

The CEBG gameplay explained

The famous battle royale game PUBG inspires the core gameplay of CEBG. But, more importantly, CEBG blends the high-octane adrenaline-filling gameplay of the last-man-standing game with survival, exploring, and scavenging elements. Furthermore, players can choose to play solo or team up with friends.

With the advancement of 4G or even 5G technology, gamers nowadays usually play games for short periods of time. To put it simply, they will play with their mobile phones whenever there’s free time to spare. CEBG is aware of such user needs and allows players to enjoy the mobile-friendly game. In addition, with strong social attributes, CEBG will enable players to make friends in the game space. In addition, players can team up with real-life friends to play the game in search of victory. Last but not least, CEBG embeds free-to-play mechanics, which removes the barriers for new players to access the game. They can then later become co-creators and participants in the CEBG metaverse.

NFTs powering the game

NFTs play an important role in Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds. The developers will introduce  three types of NFTs in the game:

  • heroes
  • weapons
  • chips

In order to maintain the healthy circulation of in-game NFTs, the team introduced a meticulously-designed NFT deflation mechanism. Specifically, the merge of lower-level heroes can improve their attributes and rarity. In this way, the consumption of lower-level heroes will take place during the upgrading. The same mechanism applies to weapons as well.

As a result, in-game NFTs can continue to appreciate through the consumption mechanism in upgrades, as lower-level NFTs are being burned. It is worth mentioning that higher-level NFTs will bring players higher returns as well, creating a reason to acquire multiple NFTs for the most dedicated players.

CEBG tokens and how to use

CEBG metaverse employs a dual-token mode comprising the CEC governance token and the CEG gaming token.

Utilities of CEC

  • Payment method to purchase NFTs.
  • Upgrading NFTs
  • Unlocking exclusive content and experiences.
  • Staking in the liquidity pool for receiving rewards.
  • Voting on governance proposals.

Utilities of CEG

  • Energy purchase: energy is an in-game resource required to participate in play-to-earn mechanics. Players need to recharge their energy with CEG.
  • Repair Oil purchase: weapons will get damaged during the game. Players need to purchase Repair Oil to fix the weapons.
  • Upgrade NFTs: in order to upgrade NFTs, players need both CEC and CEG. Higher-level NFTs can receive more rewards in the P2E ecosystem. 

What the future holds for CEBG

As the first blockchain-based PUBG type game with an anime visual style, the expectations for CEBG are high. The team has laid out an ambitious roadmap, and thanks to their hard work, they have achieved several milestones. The entire game will roll out in early Q2 2022. Notably, with version upgrades ongoing on a monthly basis, CEBG strives to bring its community the ultimate gaming experience where they can have fun and receive benefits.

Thanks to a series of strategic partnerships, a bright future filled with solid marketing plans and extensive community support lies in store for CEBG. One of the key partners that CEBG has formed an alliance with is Multiverse Play (MVP). It is a GameFi DAO with 80,000+ play-to-earn players and investors. This is very important for CEBG, because MVP’s huge community and vast experience in game publishing will empower CEBG and escort it smoothly into GameFi 2.0. 

A few final words

Even though there is no unified definition, the general mission of GameFi 2.0 is to solve the problems faced by GameFi 1.0. In GameFi 1.0, games only brag about their financial attributes and merely rely on economic benefits to attract players. As a result, these games are severely lacking in entertaining features. However, GameFi 2.0 puts emphasis on extending the project’s life cycle by introducing more playable and sustainable mechanics to the overall ecosystem. With such a vision at heart, CEBG will bring users a refreshing gaming experience in the GameFi 2.0 era.

About Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds

Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) is a blockchain-based battle royale action game with an anime visual style. It strives to lead the movement of GameFi 2.0. CEBG is backed by KuCoin Ventures, a leading investment arm of KuCoin Exchange that supports crypto and Web 3.0 development. 

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