Cross the Ages Game Guide: How to Play, Win and Earn

Cross the Ages guide
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The complete overview of all things you need to know before playing the trading card game Cross the Ages

Welcome to the complete game guide for the card game Cross the Ages, in which you will learn how to play, win and earn. 

What is Cross the Ages? 

Cross the Ages is a trading card game that uses blockchain technology to give players ownership over the cards. Players can play against other players or computer opponents, and the game can be played for free without the need for financial investments. 

What makes this card game different from the competition? 

Cross the Ages can be played as a free-to-play game, and is designed with mobile devices in mind. Players need to place their cards on the battleground in order to conquer territory, and win the battle.

On which blockchain does Cross the Ages operate?

Cross the Ages uses Immutable X to let players store, collect, and play with their digital items. The trading cards are NFTs owned by players, which they can trade on marketplaces as well.  

How to download Cross the Ages? 

Cross the Ages is available on desktop, iOS and Android. You can download the card game Cross the Ages by going to the dapp page here on DappRadar, and following the link towards the official website. From there you can download the desktop version of the game. Cross the Ages is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices. 

How do you get started with Cross the Ages? 

  1. Download the game to the device of your choice
  2. Update a couple of gigabyte of files, so make sure you’re on WiFi
  3. Press “Create Account”
  4. Pick a username, and fill in your country and birth date
  5. Provide an email address, and password, then confirm your email address by pressing the link you received in your inbox.
  6. Now log in to the game
  7. A tutorial will guide you through the basics of the game

How to play Cross the Ages? 

Cross the Ages is a tactical trading card game in which players need to position their cards in such a way to dominate the game’s battlefield. Players can create synergies between different cards to enhance their dominance. 

On which marketplace can you buy and sell cards?

Cross the Ages has its digital items or NFTs on the Immutable X blockchain. This blockchain uses a shared orderbook, meaning that items listed on one marketplace are also available on the other. Cross the Ages has its own marketplace, but players can also trade assets on TokenTrove or Immutable Market

What NFTs, assets or crypto tokens do I need to play Cross the Ages?

You can play Cross the Ages for free, and no initial purchase is required. 

What digital assets are part of Cross the Ages?

Cross the Ages offers various game currencies, as well as collectible digital cards. Players can buy card packs or buy individual cards from the secondary market. 

  • CTA token – first buy Prana, and then spend Prana in exchange for token chests containing 100/250/500/1000 CTA tokens. Currently this token does not exist on-chain, but it will be in the future. You can use this token to mint cards, animations, or be eligible for Special Rare cards airdrops. In the future you will be able to sell, rent, join tournaments and more, using CTA.
  • Trisel – You earn Trisel by playing Cross the Ages. You can use this raw power to upgrade your cards. It’s an essential resource in the game.
  • Prana – Buy Prana in the store or win it as a reward in events and tournaments. You need Prana to buy off-chain assets, such as chests, boosters and cosmetics. 

How to upgrade your cards?

Players can also hold on to their cards, and try to level them up. A crafting system has been put in place allowing players to upgrade their cards. You can upgrade a card by burning other cards and spending Trisel. 

A card upgraded to the max, can be awakened by spending even more Trisel. This will of course enhance the powers of the card even further. Combining cards can give different results. 

In addition, some alternative cards can be combined as well. These combo cards will have a higher rarity, and combine the powers of the two original cards. 

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