Cosmos ATOM Lands on 1xBit Platform

cosmos atom lands on 1xbit
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1xBit innovates online betting by diversifying crypto payment methods

ATOM, the native token of the Cosmos network, is the latest cryptocurrency to join 1xBit. As an industry-leading casino game platform, 1xBit can bring the immersive excitement and fairness of casino gaming to its users at all times. The addition of ATOM means Cosmos users can now experience the convenience and thrill of online betting while exploring diverse choices of games on 1xBit.


1xBit is at the forefront of bringing a revolution to online casino gaming. As one of the most user-friendly, 1xBit offers special bonus deals to its users and accepts over 40 cryptocurrencies as payment, including BTC, ETH, TRON, DOT, USDC, BNB, Dogecoin, and more.

The online betting platform is proud to announce that it has added ATOM to its means of payment. It is also worth mentioning that 1xBit will expand its payment diversity with more cryptos in the near future, for example, Polygon (MATIC).

What is ATOM?

ATOM is the cryptocurrency that fuels Cosmos, an ecosystem of blockchains boasting scalability and interoperability. The Cosmos project strives to develop a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly system powered by a proof-of-stake consensus model.  

Like any other blockchain network, Cosmos has its own digital currency underpinned by its cryptographic system, ATOM. Notably, in Cosmos, ATOM safeguards the security and governance of the Cosmos Hub, and users pay transaction fees in ATOM when using the Cosmos network. 

ATOM can be used as payment for the Cosmos network but 1xBit platform games as well. Players can use ATOM as chips in hundreds of games on 1xBit, whether it is sports betting, e-sports, live casinos, pokers, and more.


Why does Cosmos stand out as a decentralized network?

Cosmos stands out in the blockchain industry as an incredibly forward-looking project. Before Cosmos, blockchains maintained a self-contained ‘supercomputer’ approach that could not communicate with each other. 

Positioning itself as “the Internet of Blockchains”, Cosmos network allows developers to add more and more chains to its hub with various functionalities. The Cosmos network today has more than 262 apps and services in its ever-expanding ecosystem, including Binance Chain,, and Cosmos Hub, with over $61 billion of digital assets under management.

1xBit resonates with Cosmos’ vision for a more interoperable and accessible crypto future. Furthermore, leveraging cryptos to upgrade users’ betting experience has always been 1xBit’s top mission.

Payments have always been one of the biggest pain points in the online betting industry. Problems such as hidden charges, intransparent transactions, and difficulty in withdrawal have plagued users’ online betting experience. 1xBit hopes to streamline online betting payment and settlement by adopting cryptos. 

This is why 1xBit has become one of online casino players’ most trusted betting platforms.

Advantages of using 1xBit

1xBit focuses on taking the crypto betting experience to a new level through multiple aspects.

First, 1xBit aims to significantly optimize the online betting payment process and make it as secure as possible. To this end, the platform is constantly adding new cryptocurrencies for its users, including the latest addition of Cosmos. What’s especially noteworthy is that the platform now has over 40 cryptocurrencies available.

Second, 1xBit maximizes user revenue by cutting miscellaneous costs. Every transaction a user makes is free of transaction fees, meaning the user keeps all the income. More importantly, all settlements are instant, a critical feature completely different from traditional online casinos.

Then, 1xBit has no complicated registration process and allows each player to remain entirely anonymous. Furthermore, at 1xBit, the registration process takes less than a minute to complete, as only an email address is required to sign up.

Last but not least, 1xBit is very generous to new members. Users who complete four deposits can win a bonus package of up to 7 BTC.

Rally for your favorite sports events on 1xBit


With global sports events in full swing, 1xBit enables users to keep up with all the latest tennis, basketball, and volleyball action. In addition, the platform offers an extensive sports prediction market and a user-friendly interface that keeps users coming back for more.

Come to 1xBit and roar for your team.

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