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GameStop Wallet users can now have access to important DappRadar features

DappRadar users can now connect to the site and tools using a GameStop Wallet and see their portfolio on Ethereum. Enjoy the perks of being a PRO user and join several airdrops. This integration adds additional wallet connections for users alongside MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase while complimenting the GameStop NFT Marketplace integration into DappRadar’s NFT tracking.  

In May 2022, GameStop launched a beta version of their non-custodial browser-based Ethereum wallet, allowing holders to access, spend, and trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets without leaving a game. The latest update, version 0.6.9, enabled users to access their Immutable X purchases, send and receive goods, and connect to Immutable X dapps.  

The GameStop Wallet is similar to MetaMask and leverages Loopring’s ZK-rollup technology, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol for cheaper and faster transactions. You can download the GameStop Wallet as a browser extension from the Chrome web store.  

Moreover, by connecting with a GameStop Wallet, DappRadar users will now see their GameStop assets on Ethereum in one convenient place. An important thing to highlight is that users must make sure that the GameStop Wallet extension is enabled on their browser and set as default browser extension under wallet settings. Otherwise, they won’t be able to see the GameStop option when they click Connect. 

How to Connect to DappRadar using a GameStop Wallet  

Once on, you will see a prominent icon in the top right that says CONNECT, click this. You will be presented with different login options. Select the GameStop Wallet option and proceed. You will need to sign a transaction in your GameStop Wallet to permit the connection to DappRadar.   

That’s it! You are now connected to the World’s Dapp Store using your GameStop Wallet. To navigate to DappRadar Portfolio Tracker and check your GameStop assets on Ethereum, head back to the homepage and click on the top right icon, which should now show your GameStop Wallet address.

Click the icon, and a sidebar will appear on the right with options. The first option is to use the integration with Wyre to purchase cryptocurrencies using Visa or Mastercard. Selecting Settings will allow you to personalize your DappRadar account further and sign up for or deny regular marketing messages.   

The Portfolio tab will immediately open your GameStop Wallet in the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, where you can track and analyze real-time actionable data on your portfolio and, most importantly, take action. 

Positioned for growth  

GameStop is no stranger to the games and technology industry, having operated one of the most successful retail businesses in the space for several years. However, as customers’ buying habits started to shift online, GameStop’s business model came under threat.  

The company is trying to win over investors who may have written GameStop off as a legacy retailer with too many physical stores and costly overheads. According to an annual filing, GameStop operated 4,573 stores, including 3,018 in the United States, as of January 29, 2022.  

Now the company is tapping into areas like NFTs for growth as some retail industry observers expect them to become a top-selling Christmas gift. About half a million NFTs are expected to be purchased from retailers between November and December 2022, translating to a total market value north of $50 million, according to data from Salesforce. GameStop is well positioned to take advantage of the hype.  

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