Connect to DappRadar with Brave Wallet

Connect to DappRadar with Brave Wallet

Brave wallet users can now enjoy crucial features on DappRadar

DappRadar users can now connect to the site and tools using the Brave Wallet and see their portfolio on ETH, BNB, and Polygon. Additionally, they can become PRO users, benefit from enhanced data features, and join juicy airdrops. This marks the latest integration of wallet connections for DappRadar users together with Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, and GameStop Wallet. 

In November 2021, Brave launched its browser-native crypto wallet allowing Brave users to store, manage, grow and swap their crypto portfolio from a single wallet. This wallet is unique compared to other crypto wallets because it does not require extensions, making it more secure and effective. 

The Web 3 Brave browser embodies the values of decentralization and is privacy-focused, allowing users to be exposed to ads if they so wish and getting paid for their attention in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

DappRadar users will now see their Brave assets on ETH, BNB, and Polygon by connecting with the self-custody crypto wallet. Brave Wallet users can buy, receive, and send crypto assets across multiple chains, including Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. 

It is important to highlight that users must first download the Brave browser to be able to use the Brave Wallet and set it as a default browser extension under wallet settings. Otherwise, they will not be able to see the Brave Wallet option when they click Connect. 

How to Connect to DappRadar using the Brave Wallet  

 Once on, you will see a prominent icon in the top right that says CONNECT. Click this and you will be presented with different login options. Select the Brave Wallet option and proceed. You must sign a transaction in your Brave Wallet to approve the connection to DappRadar.  

Congrats! You are now connected to the World’s Dapp Store using your Brave wallet. To navigate to DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, check your assets on Ethereum, head back to the homepage, and click on the top right icon, which should now show your Brave Wallet address. 

Click the icon, and a sidebar will appear on the right with options. The first option is to use the integration with Wyre to purchase cryptocurrencies using Visa or Mastercard. Selecting Settings will allow you to personalize your DappRadar account further and sign up for or deny standard marketing messages.  

The Portfolio tab will immediately open your Brave wallet in the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, where you can track and analyze real-time actionable data on your portfolio and take action.

Brave is at the forefront of the Web3 creator economy 

Brave´s ad-serving model is designed to benefit creators and consumers alike for their time. Users who receive the BAT token for viewing ads can choose to either take it for themselves or allocate its distribution to the online publishers they like reading or watching.

The model is proving to be a winning formula for massive growth. According to Brave, the browser has over 57.42 million monthly active users, 19.3 million daily active users, and a network of more than 1.6 million content creators.

Furthermore, it is also significant that BAT (Basic Attention Token) has outperformed BTC and ETH over the past month during a bear market, positioning itself as a leading creator coin. 

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