Community Gaming Introduces Daily Rewards with XPeditions

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Monetize your passion for gaming

Competitive gamers and tournament organizers already have a strong partner in Community Gaming, but now, the platform engages even more thanks to their newly launched XPeditions. These allow gamers to participate in daily quests, creating earning opportunities and reshaping the way communities are formed. 

This January, Community Gaming launched XPeditions, their own loyalty program for gamers. Through this exciting new platform, users can earn rewards, while also providing Community Gaming with additional ways to enhance the gaming experience and ecosystem. 

Earning rewards with XPeditions

XPeditions is a loyalty program, built on Base, designed for gamers to earn on a daily basis in pursuit of different quests. The platform allows anybody to earn regardless of their gaming skills or time availability to compete in tournaments. 

Gamers can see XPeditions as their personalized passport to explore new horizons in gaming, all while earning rewards. The tasks on the platform come in three types:

  • Learning
  • Engagement
  • Tournaments

Players receive one quest per day, and unlock more quests as they build up their XPerience. Participants can earn USDC or other cryptocurrencies through XPeditions. Because the platform exists on Base, it will be easy to move earned money through Coinbase to your bank account. 

How to get started

Right now, there’s a waitlist to join XPeditions, but you can sign up on the official website and be notified when it is available in your region. You can also do so by making an account first. 

Go to the Community Gaming project page on DappRadar, and follow the steps mentioned below to create an account. Only when you have an account, you’re able to participate in tournaments and earn rewards from XPeditions. 

  1. Go to Community Gaming on DappRadar, and click “open dapp” 
  2. Click “Sign up”, and use the social media of your choice to make an account
  3. The system now generates a wallet for you, and after that you need to pick a unique username. 

Now you’re set, and ready to participate in the Community Gaming ecosystem. However, we advise you to also check out your wallet settings. You can either use the wallet generated by Community Gaming or simply link your own wallet. 

To do so, find the wallet button in the top menu bar. Click it, and it will open up some menu options to link your own wallet, or pick your wallet depending on the chain. 

Initially limited availability

Right now, the XPeditions program isn’t available to everybody. Over the course of its rolling launch, XPeditions will initially open to countries that have the most activity on their platform. Fast forward, and availability will widen to the broader user base in the latter half of 2024. 

Community Gaming tournaments

Community Gaming is a Web3-enabled tournament platform, allowing anybody to organize tournaments and distribute rewards based on blockchain mechanics. In a nutshell, before a tournament goes live all prizes are locked into smart contracts. Based on the results of individual matches, governed by the community, winners automatically receive their rewards. 

List of live and upcoming esports tournaments, powered by Community Gaming.

In 2023 alone, Community Gaming has distributed more than $1.5 million to players worldwide. The platform hosted 6,232 tournaments and attracted 92,747 paying gamers. Depending on the tournament, there can be a participation fee. Often the lion’s share of those fees go into the tournament’s reward pool. 

Most payouts happened on Polygon, followed by Ronin Network and BNB Chain. Traditional games, like Free Fire, Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, were among the games with the most participants. Still, there have been plenty of Web3 partners organizing tournaments, including Axie Infinity, Mojo Melee, Wreck League, My Pet Hooligan, Skyweaver and many others. 

Closing words

With XPeditions, the team at Community Gaming is putting emphasis on education and discovery. This opens up the platform to a wider audience, and introduces more potential players to Web3-powered tournaments. Keep your eyes on these Web3 tournaments, as XPeditions opens up to more gamers throughout the year. 

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