Cometh Announces Game Improvements for 2022

Cometh Announces Game Improvements for 2022

PoC scaling, more playable content, and profile customizations in the pipeline

Cometh, a play-to-earn GameFi solution on the Polygon blockchain, has announced ambitious plans for its 2022 updates with various improvements. Cometh developers stated that they are over the moon with the game’s performance so far in an official press release. 

For the 2022 update, Cometh is actively working on deploying improved gameplay models. These will require players to be constantly active in an attempt to battle bots and script manipulations. Additionally, the gaming experience will improve greatly with a more demanding and action-packed gameplay. 

On top of that, Cometh is also planning to launch a completely new game mode called “Battles and Piracy”. In it, players will be able to participate in challenges and tournaments with entry fees and reward pools. What is more, the piracy element will allow players that are in proximity of asteroids to challenge their keepers and steal some of the MUST tokens from the asteroid.

What else is in the pipeline?

One of the main focuses for 2022 is to introduce a series of scalability solutions. This process has already started on a global level on the blockchain, as Polygon recently acquired Hermez Network. The main objective for Cometh here is to introduce a proof-of-concept consensus mechanism. This mechanism will speed up the processing capabilities of the platform. Additionally, the devs team is working on a mobile app to allow even more players to join the intergalactic fun. 

Since Cometh launched in early February, more than 10,000 unique wallets have interacted with its smart contracts. This is a solid performance. However, Cometh is looking to grow further and bring in even more players to the table. For a more detailed look at the future plans, you can visit this link, or check out the roadmap below.


Cometh NFTs and MUST token create GameFi

As a GameFi solution, one of Cometh’s main characteristics is the successful combination of several aspects of blockchain technology. NFTs play an important role in-game, as all spaceships in the game come in the form of non-fungible tokens. This allows Cometh to introduce rarity levels and built-in performance stats in each NFT. Additionally, the spaceship collection on Cometh was a great opportunity for the platform to launch several successful partnerships with other platforms like Aavegotchi and Alchemix. To date, more than 6500 different spaceships are orbiting around the Cometh universe.

In combination with NFT technology, Cometh also brings in DeFi in the form of the platform’s native token MUST. What is important to note here is that MUST is the powerhouse behind all economic aspects in the game – from purchasing spaceship NFTs, to earning yield and in-game rewards. According to the press release, upwards of $820,000 in MUST tokens have already been distributed to players. The play-to-earn mechanics in Cometh are numerous, which makes the platform a true GameFi solution. Interestingly, space travelers can earn MUST by mining comets. Additionally, earning passive income can also happen through owning spaceship NFTs and renting them out. Last but not least, yield farming with already available MUST tokens is also an option. 

If you’re a space explorer already and have collected some MUST tokens yourself, you can easily swap these through the DappRadar Token Swap service. Vice versa, if you are looking to start yield farming on Cometh, you can easily swap some of your MATIC tokens for MUST and start reaping the yield rewards. Check out the links below to find out more:

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