Colonize Mars NFT Card Sold for $85,000

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400,000 WAX for a unique card of a reactor

An NFT for the Fission Reactor One, which is a unique asset in Colonize Mars on the Wax blockchain, sold for 400,000 WAX or roughly $85,000 at the time of the sale. Gamers are spending serious money in hopes to capitalize when token mining gameplay will launch in September. 

In the past 24 hours alone, there have been four NFT purchases more valuable than the Fission Reactor One. For example, one CryptoPunk #1878 sold for $378,830 on the Ethereum blockchain, while a Chromie Squiggle changed hands for $149,950. On Binance Smart Chain we’ve seen another BakerySwap DeFi NFT selling for more than $103,110. 

Furthermore, this particular NFT doesn’t even make it into the top 50 NFT sales on the weekly basis. However, another NFT for Colonize Mars does. The Cargo Rocketship One sold on Tuesday for 488,890 WAX or $117,460. 

These purchases seem to be a bit speculative, as gameplay for Colonize Mars is still a few months away. Right now players can acquire buildings and vehicles, but starting from September 2021 they can use those NFTs to acquire or mine Martia tokens. Next year the developers want to give players the ability to purchase undeveloped land and establish their own outputs on virtual Mars. Therefore, seeing the hype surrounding Alien Worlds and jumping early on the Colonize Mars hype train, could bring significant financial benefits.

Why so expensive?

Colonize Mars is an NFT trading card game where players need to collect vehicles and equipment for the first phase of their colony. Combining three common cards gives you an uncommon one. Three uncommon ones become a rare card, and the cycle continues to epic and finally legendary cards. 

Ultimately players can merge three legendary cards into a super rare ownership card. However, these cards are one-of-a-kind and there are only 20 of those in the series. The Fission Reactor One that sold for $80,000 is such a card.

Another space game on Wax

The Wax blockchain has been doing well with space games, as Alien Worlds, R-Planet and Colonize Mars are now all three in the Top NFT Collections on DappRadar. These projects generally don’t sell the most expensive NFTs but manage to drive a lot of volume. Easy access and the lack of transaction costs make the Wax blockchain a suitable environment for gameplay that’s heavily focused on transacting NFTs.

Alien Worlds

Dapp page


Dapp page

Colonize Mars

NFT collection

Alien Worlds has been making headlines for more than a month already. Furthermore the Wax blockchain is home to a variety of digital collectibles. Recently Topps launched their first Major League Baseball collectible cards, on DappRadar listed as Topps MLB. 

Despite being less than a month old, Topps MLB has already been responsible for almost $4,5 million in trading volume. In addition they have 21,956 traders. This makes the NFT collection the third largest based on traders, behind the earlier mentioned Alien Worlds and NBA Top Shot on the Flow blockchain. 

It’s quite remarkable that Sorare, a fantasy football game on the Ethereum blockchain, is in fourth place with 11,601 active traders. Frankly, Sorare covers the transaction of all trading on their platform. However, in terms of active traders NFT sports seem to attract the biggest audiences.

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