CloneX NFTs Unleash Creativity with 3D Files And Commercial Rights

CloneX NFTs Unleash Creativity with 3D Files and Commercial Rights
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Enter the gateway to the avatar economy

From July 4th, owners have access to 3D Files and Commercial Rights. CloneX is a popular community-focused NFT Collection launched on the Ethereum blockchain by Nike´s RTFKT and artist Takashi Murakami. These visually appealing 3D characters are designed to interact in the metaverse and can be customized to best represent the identity of its users.

RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) emerged as a game-changing design studio in the field of branded NFT collectibles selling metaverse-ready sneakers. Nike bought the creative studio in December 2021. Its work spans fashion, NFTs, and gaming, ultimately merging them to create high-end quality products.

The core of RTFKT is community-driven and identity-focused. The creative team believes in the value of inclusivity and representation and seeks to materialize it in the metaverse. Consumers become an integral part of the brands by customizing their avatars to match their identities. 

It is with these principles in mind that RTFKT announced the unlocking of 3D files and full commercial rights. Creativity, identity, and self-expression are at the front and center of the campaign.

Why is CloneX so interesting?

CloneX has a current floor price of 11.52 ETH at the time of this writing. This unique NFT Collection of 20,000 characters designed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami stands out from other collections. Partly due to its distinctive visuals and utility across multiple platforms in the metaverse.  

You can use DappRadar´s NFT Explorer to view the collection here

Users can buy real-world and virtual collectibles through the game on the website. With CloneX the metaverse transcends gaming and also becomes a living space where people can socialize and collect digital items in this virtual world.

NFTs with Commercial Rights

RTFKT has also announced a new Discord channel for 3D Files. One important thing to note is that it is only the 3D files that can be turned into NFTs with commercial rights. Murakami Drip Clones are Fine Art so holders do not have full commercial rights. 

Source: RTFKT Twitter

CloneX is not the first collection to add the utility of commercial rights to its ecosystem. Yuga Labs, the most elite brand in the NFT space is also a trailblazer in this trend.

DappRadar´s NFT Explorer BAYC

YugaLabs gives commercial rights to its BAYC and MAYC holders, as well as to those holding CryptoPunks and Meebits after acquiring those projects from Larva Labs.

NFTs with commercial rights are a very powerful branding tool for owners of exclusive collections like Bored Ape Yacht club (BAYC). 

A good example is that celebrities like Eminem and Snoop Dogg are using NFT ownership in their music videos.

The glamorous list also includes Madonna and Jimmy Fallon as BAYC NFT owners. Here on DappRadar, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities who are active in crypto, DeFi, or NFTs.

Source: Snoop Dogg´s BAYC NFT #6723

Another great example is the Bored & Hungry Bored Ape NFT-themed burger restaurant founded by the creative entrepreneur Andy Nguyen in California earlier this year. 

The venture was initially intended to last 90 days but is now permanent due to its wildly popular garish NFT superstars despite the bear market.

What is next for CloneX? 

With this announcement, the team behind CloneX looks forward to seeing a new generation of creators emerge. According to their latest post on Medium, they envision collectors commissioning creators to build their Clone IP and Brand.

Moreover, Clone Vtubers and a whole new concept of influencer: Clone fashion models that will be the future´s brand ambassadors. Additionally, they expect to bring digital art to life by attracting 3D creator superstars, video game demos, and fanart NFTs while being the force behind creating new brands, and wearables.

Unlocking your 3D files

CloneX wants to ignite 3D careers for artists worldwide but first, you must know how to unlock your files if you are a Clone Owner. The 3D files are still being adapted for beginners, are token-gated, and thus exclusive.

You can gain access to your 3D files here. CloneX has two different types of users: Maya and Blender. The first category gives more creative flexibility while the latter is slightly more limited. 

Make sure to follow RTFKT on Twitter for regular updates. DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of CloneX and RTFKT. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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