Clash of Coins launches on Ethereum

Clash of Coins

Crypto tokens go head to head!

If the idea of contesting the superiority of popular crypto tokens in a Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game sounds appealing then blockchain game developers OneWayBlock have got you covered.  

That’s the premise behind a new dapp game launching on the 12th of October – Clash of Coins

The general concept of the game is that it provides a playing field where players can contest the superiority of one project over another. It is as if Apple decided to host a friendly football match with Google. 

However, it is different due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are not impersonal corporations, but mainly startups that are backed by a mixture of “popular support” initiatives.

How to play Clash of Coins

The game is a map that is divided into many pieces and players must capture as many pieces as possible in real-time in order to become the “king” of the map with the following aspects layered on top of this concept:

Game map = real-world map.

Each country is divided into many pieces. The number of pieces in a given country depends on its size. 

Players may only compete in the game as part of a clan.

The user selects a clan at the beginning of the game.

Clans are real cryptocurrencies (#BTC, #ETH, #BNB, etc.).

When your clan captures all of the pieces in a given country, your clan takes possession of that country for 30 min. During this period, no one can recapture it. In addition, during this 30 min, you and all of your other clan players who helped capture this country will receive a reward in ETH.

Daily Rewards represent N percent of the total turnover generated by the game. Turnover generated through the sale of the native Clash of Coins token with players needing to purchase the token to buy abilities.

The game features abilities that are similar to the kind used in MMORPG games. For example, one of them allows you to capture two pieces at once, and another one summons an assistant drone. In addition, the clan has the ability to extend the period that the clan is allowed to continue to hold the country. This is done by setting up a base.

Furthermore, the game has a Ranking and Finance menu, customized icons, and native chat feature.

Try Clash of Coins now!

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