Chromie Squiggle Sells for $2.44 Million – Top 10 NFT Sales

Generative art still trending

Art Blocks is still benefiting from revived interest among collectors, dominating this week’s Top 10 NFT Sales with six entries. The most expensive sale in the past seven days was of Chromie Squiggle #3784, which switched owners for 750 ETH, or $2.44 million at the time of the sale. 

Another interesting feature in this week’s ranking comes in second place. Peg 103 sold for 420 ETH, or $1.372 million at the time of the sale. What’s curious is that this NFT was also part of last week’s top 10 NFT sales when it switched owners for $823,145.

Top 10 NFT Sales – 9th August / 15th August

  1. Chromie Squiggle #3784 – $2.44M / 750 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  2. Peg 103 – $1.372M / 420 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club #3749 – $1.296M / 400 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  4. Ringers #52 – $1.177M / 400 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  5. Ringers #360 – $1.089M / 370 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  6. Archetype #213 – $1.053M / 320 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  7. Fidenza #607 – $915,678 / 300 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunk #6634 – $915,651 / 300 ETH – Buyer’s wallet
  9. Autoglyph #412 – $799,058 / 250 WETH – Buyer’s wallet
  10. The Eternal Pump #17 – $789,780 / 240 ETH – Buyer’s wallet

Generative art is a hit

Art Blocks, and generative art NFTs as a whole, have steadily held the attention of collectors for several months now. Generative art collections are in a tight battle with avatar-style NFTs for the top spot in our rankings. Last week we saw CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club dominating the space. This week everything is reversed, with only one entry for each of these collections and six for Art Blocks. 

Several Art Blocks sub-collections have garnered attention, including Archetype, which has not made this top ten list before. Additionally, one Autoglyph NFT entered the ranking, which also demonstrates how generative art NFTs are hitting the bullseye in terms of interest from collectors. 

If we look at the broader picture, Art Blocks is also one of the few collections that saw an increase in the overall volume over the past seven days. While big competitors like Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks are in the red, Art Blocks secured $46.332 million in volume, which is a 48% increase week over week. 

Top 10 NFT

Stay tuned for next week’s Top 10 NFT sales to see if avatar-style NFT collections manage to make a return. DappRadar will continue monitoring these, while in the meantime, you can visit DappRadar Portfolio, and have a look at the wallets that made the top this week. 

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