Cheeze Wizards’ pre-sale breaks 500 ETH barrier

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Dapper Labs’ battle royale with cheese off to a winner

Four days into its pre-sale and Dapper LabsCheeze Wizards is already proving to be a great success.

Launched over the weekend, a key element to the sale is a business model which increases the price of the powerful Elemental wizards (Fire, Water, Wind) for each one sold.

At time of writing this means one of these wizards will now cost 0.924 ETH (or $232), although the advantage is the highest the cost, the more powerful the wizard.

Early birds

Given this model, it’s no surprise buying activity skewed early in the pre-sale period, peaking with 197 wallets spending 197.43 ETH (c.$46,000) on Saturday 18 May (UTC time).

To-date, the total value of the 3,083 wizards summoned is over 500 ETH (c.$125,000).

1,184 of the cheap Neutral wizards have been summoned, 604 Wind wizards, 639 Water wizards and 656 Fire wizards.

Players who want to be in with a chance of winning a tournament — first pool pot worth 446.5 ETH — will need a balanced selection to ensure they can make the best use of the game’s the rock-paper-scissor design.

With three days to go, DappRadar will certainly be keeping its eye on how the remaining time plays out. This is especially true given the interest the game has attracted from high net worth crypto VCs and C-level executives who might not be able to resist the temptation to splash out on some high cost, high power wizards before the pre-sale ends.

Feel the urge for Cheeze? Summon your wizards here

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