Charity NFT Outshines Meebits NFT Sales Domination

3-9 may top 10 nft sales meebits

$5,11 million for health care charity organization Noora Health

A charity NFT of the Noorah Health organization sold for more than $5,1 million, making it the only NFT that’s not a Meebits collectible in the top 10 NFT sales from May 3rd to May 9th. Meebits has been responsible for $55,5 million in trading volume on the secondary market. 

Noora Health received 1,337 ETH or $5,11 million at the time of the auction on OpenSea, for an NFT of which all proceeds go to the charity organization. They will then use that money to increase the healthcare skills of patients and their families, improving clinical outcomes. The donation came from Paul Graham, a programmer turned investor in the tech space.

Charitable as the $5,110,000 auction may be, the biggest story of the week goes to Meebits. Larva Labs gave 1,100 randomly assigned NFTs to holders of CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs, while the remaining 9,000 sold through a Dutch auction on the open market with a 2,5 ETH starting price. All Meebits sold out before the price could dip below 2 ETH. 

Robots, Elephants, and Visitors (or aliens) were easily identified as some of the rarest Meebits. However, the top 10 NFT sales are mainly filled with Visitors, of which there are only 17 in total. It’s interesting to point out that four of the top trades happened with two different Visitor Meebits. Meebits #8598 and #16647 were first acquired, and sold within 24 hours with hundreds of thousand of dollars in profit.

One Meebit in the list stands out, which is an elephant version. Because there are 229 elephants in the collection, which means they are less rare then the alien ones. However, this version is wearing an Autoglyph-branded shirt. Which is probably the reason for the price boost compared with other elephants in the collection. 

Top 10 NFT Sales

  1. Save Thousands of Lives – $5,11 million / 1,337 WETH – donator
  2. Meebits – #8598 – $1,41 million / 420 ETH – buyer
  3. Meebits – #2948 – $1,36 million / 400 WETH – buyer
  4. Meebits – #776 – $1,3 million / 390 ETH – buyer
  5. Meebits – #19775 – $1,18 million / 300 ETH – buyer
  6. Meebits – #16647 – $1,15 million / 299 ETH – buyer**
  7. Meebits – #19480 – $1,08 million / 275 ETH – buyer*
  8. Meebits – #8598 – $998,720 / 303 ETH – buyer
  9. Meebits – #11796 – $825,090 / 235 ETH – buyer**
  10. Meebits – #16647 – $713,950 / 200 ETH – buyer

Wallet investigation

In this week’s Top 10 NFT Sales, two wallets with Meebits stand out. The first one acquired the 5th and 7th positions in the charts, while the second wallet bought the 6th and 9th. These collectors spent roughly $2,2 million and $1,95 million respectively on these two Meebits alone. 

Therefore it would be no surprise that collectors who make these types of NFT purchases already have a stunning collection of NFTs. For example, in one wallet we see 16 CryptoPunks, plenty of Chromie Squiggles, and an amazing amount of 227 Meebits. However, the other wallet just contains 8 Meebits.

The top Meebits purchase in the Top 10 NFT Sales came from a collector who also owns Punk 4023. Their NFT collection consists of for example 15 CryptoPunks, and 28 Meebits, alongside a bunch of other NFTs. 

Top purchase

227 Meebits

8 Meebits

Most popular NFT collections

Not only individual NFT sales deserve a mention, but it’s also important to look at entire NFT collections. In the past week, CryptoPunks benefited heavily from the release of Meebits, seeing its trading volume increase 59% over the past 7 days to $34,66 million. This puts the Larva Labs genesis project behind Meebits. NBA Top Shot completes the top 3 with $11,28 million, which is a decrease of 27% compared with the week before.

Axie Infinity moved its entire economy from the Ethereum blockchain to its own native Ronin sidechain. Now that gamers can trade without having to deal with gas fees, benefits sales. Sales for Axie Infinity are up 57,8% for a total of 13,045 sales transactions. The result has been $4,35 million in volume, increasing more than 20% week over week. 

In a similar fashion Aavegotchi, which recently moved from Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain, has seen a surge in sales volume. Furthermore they saw an increase of 159% in their volume totaling at $1,42 million. 

In the top 20 NFT collections most projects run on Ethereum, however there’s only one project on Binance Smart Chain. The Non Fungible Apes from ApeSwap had a 36% increase in volume. A total of 143 trades was responsible for $214,020 in volume. Last week we already saw an NFT sale on Binance Smart Chain entering the Top 10 NFT Sales.

Dapps with notable NFT collections

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