Binance Smart Chain Enters Top 10 NFT Sales for First Time

108,000 BAKE or $396,360 for a DeFi NFT

With a tenth place in our Top 10 NFT sales, Binance Smart Chain made a soft entry into the weekly charts by DappRadar. BakerySwap already has its own NFT marketplace, but now launched the curated Bakery Art Gallery. However, the top NFT sale was for a Dish NFT related to the platform’s DeFi offerings.

These BakerySwap NFTs are yield farming tools for the native BAKE token. Owners of these NFTs can generate BAKE tokens. These Dish NFT or Combo Meals could be created until March 12th. After that, the minting process ended. As the price of the BAKE token increases, owning such NFTs becomes lucrative. BAKE is up 500% in the past 7 days, explaining the sudden interest in these NFTs. 

However, aside from the activity on Binance Smart Chain there have been more memorable NFT sales in the past week. Not only did two Cryptopunks sell for more than $1 million each, but even more noteworthy NBA team Golden State Warriors dropped a digi-physical NFT of their 6x World Championship Ring. Furthermore, a new Beeple art drop has generated some nice top sales, while it looks like NFTs on Binance Smart Chain are reaching new heights as well. 

Top 10 NFT Sales (Apr 26 – May 2)

  1. CryptoPunks – punk 3011 – $1.72m / 667 ETH (buyer’s wallet)
  2. CryptoPunks – punk 2066 – $1.47m / 500 ETH (buyer’s wallet)
  3. Warriors 6x World Championship Ring – $860,530 / 285.11 ETH (buyer’s wallet)
  4. Beeple – 30k – $725,555 (Nifty Gateway Omnibus)
  5. Beeple – Bloody Monkey – $575,000 (Nifty Gateway Omnibus)
  6. CryptoPunks – punk 824 – $572,980 / 200 ETH (buyer’s wallet)
  7. Beeple – Dick Milking Factory- $505,050 (Nifty Gateway Omnibus)
  8. Beeple – Hey – $500,000 (Nifty Gateway Omnibus)
  9. CryptoPunks – punk 6721 – $396,440 / 150 ETH (buyer’s wallet)
  10. BakerySwap NFT Dish – $396,360 / 108,000 BAKE 

More NFT sales highlights

Even though the generative art project Autoglyphs has made some headlines in recent months, it still goes under the radar quite a bit. In the past 7-day period two of these artworks sold for $263,000 each to different buyers. 

With $159,740 or 62 ETH for an Axie, the battle game Axie Infinity also had strong sales. Axie Infinity moved its entire economy to their Ronin sidechain, providing their community with free transactions. 

In terms of interesting NFT sales, we sure have to mention the sale of rare aged whisky for $100,000. Kinsale Spirit Co sold pallet no 14370

Overall, among the NFT collections, a newcomer entered the Top 20. Non Fungible Apes from ApeSwap Finance saw 159% growth in volume over the past 7 days, reaching $156,570 from 167 sold assets. That means that the average NFA collectible sells for $937. Dive into Non-fungible Apes and learn more about those NFTs here.

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