Chainmonsters Sees 2248% Increase in Activity in a Week

Chainmonsters Sees 2248% Increase in Activity in a Week

Visual improvements to gameplay and sold out NFTs

Chainmonsters, an MMORPG game on the Flow blockchain, has seen a significant boost in activity in the past seven days. According to DappRadar data, Chainmonsters attracted 2248% more user wallets to its smart contracts in the past week. 

This impressive boost comes after the Flow-based platform introduced a major update to the visuals in the game. Additionally, all NFTs from the alpha season have sold out. This too had a part to play in the uptick in activity seen over the weekend, as the team for example distributed Amber Chainmons to eligible users.

While Chainmonsters is still only available to eligible players in alpha mode, the game is steadily on the way to launching an impressive beta version soon. The closed alpha has now ended, and B-side Games prepares for the visually impressive closed beta version of the MMORPG.

Bringing 3D to Chainmonsters

One of the major drivers of activity for the Chainmonsters platform are the recent visual changes developers introduced to the gameplay. While Chainmonsters started out as a pixelated 2D game, the team is set to launch a more immersive 3D version for the beta version.

According to the latest development update released by the team, Chainmonsters now features a full-on 3D battle mode. This is an important update, as battles are the main gaming mechanic. Presenting battles in a 3D format seriously enhances the gaming experience. Judging by the data, these new graphics were also a big driver of activity on the platform. 

Aside from 3D battles, Chainmonsters is also looking to make the map of the game even more immersive. By introducing a background streaming mechanism, the platform developers improved the transitions between the 8 different islands on the map to make them look better. Additionally, this update brings a more open-world feel to the game. 


Closed Beta and Official Launch

Chainmonsters is still only available to eligible players who managed to get in the alpha version. However, the team is actively working on opening up the game world and allowing the whole community of fans to participate. 

The goal of the alpha version is to make the game as good as possible for public launch. Initially, plans were to have a public beta version launch this October. However, this milestone is now pushed back to February next year. Of course, Chainmonsters continues to grow and develop and the public launch is getting closer.

Despite the limited number of players that can interact with the platform at the moment, Chainmonsters is actively engaging its alpha testers. DappRadar will continue monitoring Chainmonsters and its push to become the biggest blockchain game on Flow. Stay tuned, as the closed beta version will launch in November, followed by an open beta in early 2022. Check out the links below to find out more about Chainmonsters. 

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