Chainmonsters Demo Launch Doubles User Numbers in 7 Days

Chainmonsters Demo Doubles User Numbers in 7 Days
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Chainmonsters could become the next play and earn darling on Flow

The long-anticipated free-to-sign-up and-play game with Pokémon vibes is finally out for everyone to enjoy on Steam, iOS, and Android. Players catch, train, breed, battle, buy and sell monsters in a 3D open world. 


What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a fun massive multiplayer online game living on the Flow blockchain, which is specially designed for NFTs and gaming. Similar to Axie Infinity, the battle game takes inspiration from Pokémon. 

You can join your friends and venture deep into Ancora, a magical world with eight different islands inhabited by Chainmons and humans. Since it is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), you will run into other players you can challenge to battles.

Flow adds an extra layer to the gameplay bringing the opportunity for cross-platform play. It makes your items, progress, inventory and chainmons always available on the blockchain.

This popular L2 was created to solve scalability issues with Ethereum enabling fast, low-cost transactions and supporting open worlds. It was built by Dapper Labs, the same team behind the hits CryptoKitties, Joyride and NBA Top Shot. 

The following graph shows the number of unique active wallets interacting with the Flow ecosystem. The past September month, totaled 43,895 users compared to 10,584 in September 2021, showing an whopping increase of 75,88 % proving that Flow has enormous potential. 

Source: Flow UAWs 2021 – 2022 DappRadar

Why have Chainmonsters user numbers doubled in 7 days? 

The team behind Chainmonsters has recently released its latest demo to Steam, iOS (Testflight) and Android. The developers have significantly improved the game throughout their Alpha phase. 

The hype has been building up for a long time in the Chainmonsters community and the game is well-positioned to become the next Axie Infinity in the battle Pokémon-style gaming genre. A strong advantage over other NFT games is its availability on different platforms.

The game is free to play and already has less onboarding frictions than others in the space, well-positioned to attract traditional gamers and non-native crypto users. Apart from Steam, iOS and Android it will also be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

How to play Chainmonsters using DappRadar?

  1. You can play it on a mobile device or computer with Testflight installed
  2. You dont need a crypto wallet to play just for fun! 
  3. Download DappRadar´s mobile app and access the dapp.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll use your character to wander the islands of Ancora, completing challenges, encountering Chainmons and running into other players you can challenge for battles.

There is a story-based campaign in the game where you begin your journey as a recruit for N- corp agents. You are there to discover the cause of mysterious changes that are affecting the whole continent.

One of the islands becomes your home and you start off with just one building, leveling up over time unlocking blueprints, furniture, cosmetics that you can use in your island and inside your main building. 

Every single asset that you find inside, earn and purchase in-game exists as a digital collectible on Flow, including: Chainmons, accessories, items, outfits, taunts and more.

You can catch over 135 unique Chainmon with diverse traits, types and abilities and combine them into multiple squads for various occasions. 

Moreover, the Flow integration allows you to be in control of your inventory. Every Chainmon, item and cosmetic can be traded both inside and outside the game.

Finally, Dungeons and Raids in Chainmonsters serve the goal of challenging those eager to dive deep into the world and defeat special Raid bosses.

Closing thoughts 

Chainmonsters has massive potential for becoming the next play and earn darling in the space. The developers are already doing some amazing things with improved graphics, refurbished Chainmon designs, UI adjustments, mobile optimizations etc. 

We are bullish on this game and it has all the right ingredients to become the next star of the Flow ecosystem. 

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