What is Chainers, the NFT Gaming Metaverse

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The metaverse social gaming ecosystem filled with NFTs and fun

Chainers is one of the rising stars in Web3, offering a NFT-powered gaming metaverse experience where players can socialize, participate in competitions, trade and of course customize their Chainers avatars. All this is accessible through browser-based gameplay, providing a smooth and cutting-edge user experience, usable by everybody. 

Chainers hit the market in 2023, and already attracted over 350,000 players worldwide who minted over 23 million NFTs. Their custom blockchain solution ensures that players enjoy smooth, seamless and efficient gameplay. And with those fun looking game characters, Chainers is well-positioned to take the metaverse by storm. Let’s dive in and learn more about Chainers.

Chainers introduction 

Chainers is a game ecosystem filled with adventures, challenges and creativity, powered by Polygon-based blockchain technology. Users can play the game in any browser on any device. It’s a gaming ecosystem filled with fun games, creative experiences and the ability to customize your own avatars. Chainers ultimately is a universe where gamers can socialize, play, build, trade, collect and customize, all powered by NFTs. Players can compete, invest in assets, trade or do it all together.

What are the Web3 elements of Chainers? 

Chainers uses a unique tech stack to offer gamers the smoothest experience: 

  • Chainers Chain is powered by a custom version of Polygon Edge.
  • All game items and characters exist as NFT assets on the Chainers Chain.
  • Through game activity, players сan earn in-game FRI tokens, Matic and Fidelity Bonds.
  • Chainers offers a vibrant shop for wearables and other game items
  • By scanning a QR code, players can bring their avatars to life in AR
  • Buy boosters using crypto, and exchange crops in different reward pools

What did Chainers bring to the market in 2023?

Even though Chainers has only been on the market for one year, the team reached various milestones. They launched a test version of their MMO game, and released a mini-game to diversify the user experience. The launch of the Chainers Shop and the FRI in-game currency boasted the community with fun and creativity. Chainers already has a community of over 350,000 players, who altogether claimed, earned and traded over 23 million NFTs. 

However, the most exciting development has been the introduction of the farming game within the Chainers MMO. This feature allows players to create a virtual farm, cultivate crops and harvest resources.

What is the Chainers Farm game?

Chainers Farm is a major development that will give a boost to the Chainers MMO. Through this engaging farming game players can earn real digital rewards. 

Gamers need to use their Chainers avatar to plant seeds, watch them bloom into crops, and then harvest the rewards. With each harvest, the virtual goods can be turned into real rewards. This enriches the Chainers ecosystem with a dynamic market system, personalized farms and engaging gameplay.

How to get started with Chainers? 

Anybody can get started with Chainers for free. Simply go to the official website, make an account through your Google, Facebook or X account, and you’re good to go. On a daily basis Chainers offers various free booster packs, allowing you to find resources or wearables for your avatar.

After that you’re ready to start your adventure on the Farm. Claim your first Free Farm Booster, which gives you essential items like garden beds and seeds. After that, simply press ‘play’ to launch the game in your browser. This also works very well on your mobile device.

This is what you need to do: 

  1. Place a garden bed
  2. Plant a seed
  3. Wait
  4. Harvest your produce
  5. Exchange crops in the reward pool
  6. Receive MATIC, FRI or Chainers Fidelity Bonds rewards
  7. Repeat this process

How to get more seeds?

Players who are eager to ramp up their production fast, probably want to acquire more garden beds and seeds. You can either grind your way there, or simply visit the Chainers Shop Page to purchase more boosters. You can pay these using MATIC on the Polygon blockchain. 

Players need to build their farm, and the more plants you can place the more rewards you will get. Chainers offers a variety of seeds, ranging from common to rare rarities. 

What does the Chainers Farm gameplay loop look like?

Chainers Farm is about cultivating, harvesting, and trading. Players will have daily opportunities to transform their harvest into unique rewards. This isn’t the type of game that keeps you hooked for many hours, but it’s the type of game where you come back to. Because of course, you need to harvest and then plant your seeds again. 

New and upcoming features for Chainers

  • Reward System: A new reward system is on its way, offering three types of rewards based on free access, MATIC, and Fidelity Bonds. Contributions to the reward pool will determine your share of rewards.
  • Farm integration: Chainers will release a comprehensive MMO game in 2024.
  • Token: There will be a new token, which will add another layer of depth to the game’s economy.

How to enjoy Chainers the most?

Chainers is a type of game that everybody can enjoy. Follow these steps to introduce yourself to the community and have fun playing the game: 

  1. Get your own free Chainers NFT, which you can customize with wearables
  2. Play a mini-game and compete with others on the leaderboards
  3. Login daily to receive more NFTs to dress up your hero
  4. Grow your Chainers farm, harvest crops and exchange them for real rewards.
  5. Dip your toes into the Chainers MMO
  6. Join the community through fun activities and creative competitions

Closing words

Chainers positions itself to become an engaging and fun gaming experience, where everything connects using NFT assets and engaging gameplay. The fact that anybody can play the game for free, and receive daily rewards, adds to the fun. With the farming game live right now, Chainers is only creating more reasons for you to come back every day. 

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