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Track Your Favorite Chain, its Dapps, NFTs and DeFi TVL

By popular demand, DappRadar is excited to reveal Chain Pages. Every blockchain ecosystem tracked by DappRadar will have its own Chain Page, a central point to discover trending dapps on a particular blockchain. 

Users who dive into the already popular Chain Rankings, can find a wealth of high level data points. Chain Pages will now allow those Web3 explorers to find a chain, and then dive directly into the chain’s ecosystem. On a Chain Page users can find detailed information and data about dapps, DeFi and NFTs.

What to do with Chain Pages

On a Chain Page, users can find the number of wallets interacting with dapps and the volume flowing into these dapps. By clicking the tabs at the top of the page, users can dive into specific product categories to learn more about DeFi or NFTs. 

A Chain Page answers questions like “What is the TVL of all DeFi dapps on BNB Chain?” and “How many NFT buyers did Ethereum have in the past 30 days?”. It’s safe to say that Chain Pages will be an important starting point for those who will explore new product categories or chains. 

In addition, we can already reveal upcoming tabs: “Wallets” and “Bridge”. In the Wallets tab users will be able to find the necessary information to download a software wallet for a particular chain. While the “Bridge” tab will present the best token bridging solutions to and from that particular blockchain.

Want to see a Chain Page for yourself? 

  1. Go to the Chain Rankings
  2. Click a blockchain of your choice
  3. Enjoy the Chain Page

Or click the button below and visit the Chain Page for Ethereum. 👇

If you like the product, like our team know on Discord or on Telegram. We also invite you to share suggestions for more features or data points coming to Chain Pages.

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