Celebrities Ape Into Doodles, Floor Passes 9 ETH

Celebrities Ape Into Doodles, Floor Passes 9 ETH
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Gary Vee and Loopify bought Doodles in the past 24 hours, pushing the collection to the top

Doodles, the Ethereum-based collection launched by Burnt Toast, has had an impressive 24 hours, topping the DappRadar Top Collections charts. The heightened activity is mainly due to a surge of crypto celebs aping into the project. Entrepreneur Gary Vee, purchased Doodle #7020, while Treeverse creator Loopify purchased Doodle #7141.

Following these purchases, Doodles has had one of its most successful 24 hours to date. The collection generated upwards of $16 million in trading volume in a day, which is a 255% increase in 24 hours. Not to mention, 117% more traders interacted with Doodles’ smart contracts. 

As a result of the increased activity, Doodles now surpassed big names in the industry in terms of trading volume for the past 24 hours. Axie Infinity, which traditionally holds the top spot now ranks fifth, despite boosting its stats across the board. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has seen a tremendous performance over the past couple of days, following the sales of several Mega Mutant Serums for millions of dollars last week. Still, Doodles outperformed the BAYC subsequent series with more than double the trading volume in the past 24 hours.

Celebs push Doodles ahead 

Crypto celebrities have a lot of influence in the NFT space, as their actions are often perceived as buy or sell signals by the general audience. In the case of Doodles’ performance in the past 24 hours, this is as valid as ever.

Yesterday, several celebrities tweeted out their newly purchased Doodles NFTs. Among them, we see names like Gary Vee, who purchased Doodle #7020 for 23.33 ETH, or $88.465 at the time of writing. Another impressive purchase comes from Pranksy, whose last NFT for the year was Doodle #3179 for 35 ETH, or $132.641. Lastly, Treeverse founder Loopify also joined the wave and bought Doodle #7141 for 13 ETH, or about $50.000. 

This hefty list of celebrity purchases put the collection in the spotlight, effectively attracting the attention of the whole NFT community. As a result, the collection saw an activity spike, and the floor price for a Doodles NFT surpassed 9 ETH. 

With the beginning of the new 2022, Doodles is experiencing a surge of new collectors and a boost in trading volumes. DappRadar will continue monitoring the Doodles collection as it continues its journey. To find out more about these celebrity purchases, check out the links below. You can also look at DappRadar PRO to monitor trading data for the collection from as little as the last 15 minutes. 

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