Casper and Robot Cache Push Play-to-Earn Opportunities

Casper PoS blockchain will boost game distribution and resale opportunities

Casper, an increasingly popular network among blockchain developers, has announced a new project in partnership with game distribution and reselling platform Robot Cache. Casper is a perfect host for Robot Cache’s innovative look at what the gaming industry could be. 

At the moment, Robot Cache serves as an online marketplace and distribution platform. The idea behind the platform is to allow players to sell and swap digital games easily. While reselling old PC game discs has been around for quite a while now, redistributing your digital copies was not really available before Robot Cache came around.

As the next step in their development, Robot Cache teamed up with CasperLabs. CasperLabs helps developers launch and build their dapps on the Casper blockchain. This is a huge step forward for Robot Cache, as the idea for easy and seamless game redistribution combines beautifully with blockchain technology. 

Casper Labs and Robot Cache dive into play-to-earn

The play-to-earn industry is growing across all blockchains. The mainstream gaming industry is still rather slow in adopting play-to-earn as a viable concept. However, blockchain companies are getting hyped. 

“Disruption in the gaming industry has been long overdue, and Casper’s Proof-of-Stake blockchain is the perfect solution to empower game creators and players everywhere with an ecosystem that supports creation, play, and resale with a verified chain of ownership,” said Lee Jacobson, CEO of Robot Cache.

The Casper blockchain is extremely suitable for launching Robot Cache’s game distribution platform. Casper Network’s Proof of Stake architecture introduces a powerful alternative that significantly reduces the amount of energy consumed per transaction. In comparison to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Casper is up to 136000% more energy efficient. 

Additionally, the Cassper Network sports impressive transaction processing speeds, making trading and redistribution extremely easy. Thanks to Robot Cache’s platform, players will be able to buy, play, and sell their digital games on the Casper blockchain, earning rewards in the process. While this might not be the traditional approach to play-to-earn mechanics, it is an innovative approach to digital game distribution. 

Casper Network will allow players from more than 150 countries to trade and sell on Robot Cache, simultaneously earning rewards. What’s more, all transactions will be effortlessly recorded on the blockchain. This will boost efficiency and security for all parties interacting with the Robot Cache platform. 

Initially, Robot Cache and Casper will only support the traditionally available functionalities the platform had before. However, the partnership is looking to boost gameplay further and create a whole ecosystem of incentivization opportunities for players. 

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