Casino Meets DeFi with HunnyPlay’s $80K Cash Drops

HunnyPlay Casino
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Experience unique casino gaming at HunnyPlay, a transparent, secure DeFi-powered playground

HunnyPlay combines casino games with DeFi components, allowing users to participate in $80,000 cash drops while enjoying up to 65% APY on their tokens. Powered by BNB Chain, HunnyPlay offers a robust and transparent ecosystem for all casino players. 


What is HunnyPlay?

HunnyPlay is an online gaming playground that aims to transform the online gambling landscape by leveraging blockchain technology. Utilizing the BNB Chain (BNB) for seamless settlements and payments, the platform ensures a gaming environment of transparency and robust security. 

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HunnyPlay caters to the diverse preferences of players seeking endless casino excitement. It engages players with classic games like Slots, Bingo, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and mobile-friendly Poker.

What are the most exciting HunnyPlay features

HunnyPlay boasts several features that distinguish it from competitors in the online casino industry. 

Wide selection of crypto payments

One of its advantages is the platform’s transparent and convenient payment system, surpassing traditional online casinos. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BNB, CAKE, SOL, AVAX, OKT, MATIC, ONE, FTM, BUSD, USDT, and more. As a result, HunnyPlay eliminates third-party payment providers, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transactions for users.

DeFi features

HunnyPlay integrates DeFi features, enabling users to invest their winnings and maximize earnings. By staking tokens like HUNNY or LOVE, users can earn up to 65% high APY and receive weekly rewards in BNB, CAKE, and BUSD.

HunnyPoker: Connect, Play, Win Big

HunnyPoker aspires to become the most engaging and enjoyable poker game on the blockchain. With a strong emphasis on community bonding and relaxation, HunnyPoker brings players together in a unique and thrilling poker experience. 

Positioned as the center of the Web3 poker space, HunnyPoker stands out with its competitive fees and low rakes, providing an exceptional environment for poker enthusiasts.

At HunnyPoker, players can look forward to daily freeroll tournaments, where they have the chance to win without any entry fees. The platform also offers private club features, allowing users to create their own exclusive clubs. As club owners, they not only gain the ability to host their own tournaments and cash games but also share in the profits.

So whether you’re seeking excitement, a sense of community, or exclusive club benefits, HunnyPoker has it all. 

Stable user base and impressive platform stats

HunnyPlay has earned the trust and loyalty of a strong user base by prioritizing transparency, fairness, and offering compelling promotional deals. According to DappRadar, the platform’s 30-day trading volume has soared to an impressive $2.07 million, marking a 30% increase. Additionally, the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) has grown by 11.09% during the same period. 

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These statistics serve as a testament to the popularity of HunnyPlay within the online gaming community.

Current promotions and ongoing incentives

By joining HunnyPlay, players not only gain access to a diverse range of gaming experiences but also unlock various campaigns and incentives. For example, it offers weekly airdrops to followers of their social media platforms. In addition, loyal customers are rewarded with frequent VIP bonuses. 

Moreover, Pragmatic Play, a renowned gaming software developer, has partnered with HunnyPlay to bring daily cash drops of $80,000. This adds an extra level of excitement to the gameplay. 

HunnyPlay promotions

Even if you missed out on some events, there’s no need to worry. HunnyPlay offers ongoing promotions such as daily free spins to potentially win a share of 10000 BUSD. There’s more, an impressive 180% welcome bonus with no maximum cap, and exclusive weekly bonus codes. In addition, the Top Referral Program gives a 1.5% commission on all referred wins, also without any maximum limit.

But that’s not all. With a cashback program, players can receive up to 28% unlimited bi-weekly cashback. Adding to that is HunnyPlay’s Level Up Bonuses, which can reach up to $22,000.

And let’s not forget about the opportunity to stake winnings and compound rewards in BNB and BUSD, earning an attractive APY of 65%. This feature allows players to maximize their earnings and enhance their financial gains.

From thrills to crypto rewards

HunnyPlay is more than just a platform for casino game players. It is a dynamic ecosystem that caters to the interests of DeFi explorers and crypto enthusiasts as well. So whether you’re looking to engage in authentic casino gameplay, explore the potential of cryptocurrencies, or farm yields via decentralized finance, HunnyPlay provides a welcoming space to experience it all.

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