Card Battle Game Battledome Gives Power to Alien Worlds Players

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Driving DAO evolution in Alien Worlds with Galactic Hubs Grant Program

The card game Battledome is the latest empowering innovation coming to the Alien Worlds community through the power of the DAO. Thanks in part to the Galactic Hubs Grant Program new projects like Battledome Syndicate Toolset can thrive, bring innovation, enhance the user experience, and drive greater decentralization and prosperity to the Alien Worlds ecosystem. 


What is Battledome’s Syndicate Toolset


Battledome, developed by Restack.AI, is a card battler game within the Alien Worlds metaverse. 

Pushing the boundaries of DAO engagement, the Battledome team unveiled the Syndicate Toolset.

Planetary Syndicates are decentralized organizations within Alien Worlds. Through Planetary Syndicates, players actively contribute to mini-game launches, community events, and rule-setting. It lays a foundation for creating a collaborative metaverse experience.

The Battledome Syndicate Toolset brings a significant advancement for Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicate DAOs. It empowers users to play a more influential role in shaping and enhancing the ecosystem.

The components of Battledome Syndicate Toolset

Syndicate Crowd Support Module 

The crowdfunding module is where proposals take shape, and good ideas come to life. DAO members can vote on proposals after staking the ecosystem token Trilium (TLM) to get voting power. 

Proposals that meet their targets within the specified timeframe will move forward and make an impact on the metaverse.

Syndicates Battledome representative and rotating presidency 

Every Syndicate is required to designate a “Battledome Representative,” who can be elected by the Syndicate Council. In the event that no representative is appointed, the Elected Rank 1 position will serve as the default representative. 

Battledome will access blockchain data to ensure that the representatives are up-to-date.

After custodians are decided, one of them will be appointed as the Battledome President for the month, with a continuous rotation among them. The initial Battledome President will be determined through the “Battle of the Worlds Tournament,” which also sets the order for future cycles.

Syndicate administration panel

Tournaments play a significant role in Battledome, rewarding the strongest players for their skills. The Administration Panel enables representatives to manage these tournaments. 

Under the authority of the President, the panel can organize tournaments, rename them, add designs, and set prizes for winners.

This administration panel empowers the Syndicates to effectively oversee and regulate tournaments, ensuring a fair and engaging gameplay experience for all.

Battle of the Worlds and the launch of Syndicate Toolset

The Battle of the Worlds tournament takes place from 21 July to 21 August, and serves as a pivotal event in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Beyond the tournament itself, this event marks the release of the Syndicate Toolset, alongside the appointment of the first President. 

Syndicates are competing against one another, vying for the prestigious role of Battledome champion. By earning points for their aligned planets, the winning Syndicate will gain initial control over the Battledome. 

Continue exploring the evolving landscape of Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds continues to make strides in its journey of evolution. Once solely an enticing strategic mining game, it has now blossomed into a player-owned metaverse. It engages users with various games, community activities, and innovative tools that keep its platform vibrant. 

Let’s delve into some more latest developments:

A2 Boss Battles, Captain’s Edition

A2 Boss Battles, Captain’s Edition, integrates Syndicates. The mechanism allows each Syndicate to elect a Captain who represents them in battles. The winning Captain in each round can unlock a Syndicate-branded Limited Edition NFT Skin and TLM rewards.

Trilium Quest

Trilium Quest has made milestones in essential game components, including inventory management, Trilium mining, and combat mechanics. To provide players with a smooth start, the game offers an initial quest and tutorial. It will guide players through the captivating storylines set in the world of Magor.

Moreover, rewarding drop systems offer valuable loot and incentives, enhancing the excitement as players complete quests and conquer enemies. 

Galactic Standoff

galactic standoff

Galactic Standoff adds an exciting PvP game mode to the Alien Worlds metaverse. It offers intense battles and strategic gameplay as players navigate resource management, form alliances, and engage in conflicts. With a wide range of strategic choices and tactical decisions, Galactic Standoff will provide an immersive experience for players to compete against each other. 

Join Galactic Hub and make an impact in the metaverse

As the Alien Worlds metaverse journey unfolds, the platform continues buzzing with activity, attracting a large, engaged player base. A testament to its appeal, it consistently holds a prominent position on the DappRadar Games Ranking. 

Over the past 30 days, the metaverse has witnessed an impressive count of 392,170 Unique Active Wallets (UAW). Additionally, the staggering 397 million transactions showcase the dynamic interactions happening here. 

alien worlds

With so much activity and momentum, Alien Worlds stands as an influential player in the blockchain gaming landscape.

Learn more about Alien Worlds and Galactic Hubs

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