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Having an NFT Bitverse Hero has huge perks and advantages.

The Bitverse is officially here, inviting all game lovers to explore games in this virtual world. Each game in the Bitverse will have its unique game mechanics and gameplay but will live within the same Metaverse. 

It is no exaggeration to say that gaming sits at the forefront of the blockchain industry. According to DappRadar’s latest BGA report, the average daily unique active wallets (UAW) in the blockchain gaming space reached 912,000 in September, accounting for 48% of blockchain activity.

Innovation in blockchain-enabled games is evolving incredibly, and Bitverse looks to bring a unique retro experience for players to dive into.


What is Bitverse?

The Bitverse is a world of games inspired by retro MMORPG Bit Heroes. For those unfamiliar with this game, Bit Heroes is a pixelated dungeon crawler released in September 2016. The game became an immediate fan favorite shortly after its launch. Moreover, it quickly transitioned to mobile devices and steam, amassing over 15 million lifetime players.

If you’re a fan of games featuring retro elements, then the Bitverse will surely catch your eye. Bitverse continues the lovely pixel art of Bit Heroes and expands it into a game universe full of engaging narratives and fascinating adventures.

The best part is that players can own the in-game characters of the Bitverse. These characters are called Bitverse Heroes, they are playable in all Bitverse titles, and players can take them into royal battles, missions, tournaments, and more.Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner, two of the most anticipated games in the Bitverse, will be the first to allow players to embark on adventures with their Heroes. Bit Heroes Arena will be available in Open Beta on November 16th, and Bit Heroes Runner will be live for full release on the 17th, with four more games coming next year.

Who developed Bitverse?

The Bitverse is the brainchild of Kongregate, a leading game developer founded in 2006. The gamified virtual world is Kongregate’s extensive game dev experience coupled with Web3 innovation. As a result, players can enjoy the smoothness and excitement of Web2 gaming while reaping the benefits of player-driven economics as they venture into the Bitverse.

As a platform for amplifying indie game developers and building passionate gaming communities, Kongregate has always put players and developers first. The launch of Bitverse is another example of Kongregate’s mission.

How do users start playing games in The Bitverse?

Owning a Bitverse Hero is the first step to kick off the gameplay and unlock various in-game benefits. Users who do not yet have Hero will need to connect their Metamask or Magic Wallet to the immutable X network to purchase one. Click the button below to see the detailed steps.

Bit Heroes Runner 

Bit Heroes Runner is an adventure-driven endless runner. Players can compete against each other to climb the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards to earn lucrative rewards. Each new adventure is available for a limited time and features different enemies, hazards, gear, and environments.

Bit Heroes Arena 

Bite Hero Arena offers classic battle royale gameplay. However, it is even more fun that players can party with friends and socialize in the game. 

You can raid villages, loot dungeons, slash monsters, defeat other heroes and more. Loot and level up along the way until you are the last Hero standing, and unexpected rewards will await you.

How can users benefit from Bitverse Heroes?

Bitverse Heroes are NFT characters with unique traits and perks. Apart from serving as the in-game avatars, owning NFT Bitverse Hero makes users eligible for numerous perks and advantages within the Bitverse. 

However, the benefit a user can receive relies on the Hero’s rarity, which ranges between Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Firstly, Hero owners can stamp their identity on all Bitverse-branded games and social media with a unique, 1-of-1 Hero exclusive to them.

Moreover, Heroes can unlock unique roles and channels within the Bitverse Discord server and the project’s premier events and experiences. 

If that’s not enough, Hero NFTs have even more to offer!

Hero NFTs boost players’ daily rewards in all the Bitverse games, not to mention the ability to earn in-game tokens during play. Also, owners of these avatars will have access to an exclusive NFT pet airdrop. The pet matches its Hero’s rarity, and players can take their cute friends to all Bitverse games!

The privileges and benefits Bitverse Heroes brings users to go far beyond that. Bitverse aims to transit itself into a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization(DAO). Owning Heroes will allow users to participate in crucial governance decisions and earn a reward.  

A critical point to note here is that Hero NFTs carry all the in-game progress across all Bitverse titles. So when a user trades a Hero, all its experience and inventory earned in-game will also be transferred. What does it mean? 

What’s the in-game currency?

BPXL functions as an in-game token across all Bitverse titles and has many powerful utilities. 

Players can use BPXL to acquire ecosystem NFTs like gear, mounts, pets, and familiars through direct and secondary sales in different marketplaces. In addition, BPXL is a necessary resource if players want to forge new NFTs.

On top of that, users can stake BPXL to receive voting power, which allows users to have a say in shaping Bitverse’s future. The team and community will explore the possibility of utilizing BPXL as the ecosystem evolves. 

Embark on a fun adventure with Bitverse!

The Bitverse is a fully-funded project, meaning it doesn’t depend on sales to secure its sustainability. This is excellent news for players because now the project can focus on improving game quality rather than leading users to spend more money.

The launch of Bit Heroes Runner and Bit Heroes Arena is just around the corner; join the official Twitter and Discord to be the first to experience the fun.

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