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Presale for virtual world PlayDapp Town live today

Gamers who purchase one of the character NFTs for the upcoming virtual world PlayDapp Town, will share $150,000 worth of PLA tokens. Every user spending more than $1,000 gets a share of the pool, and the rewards will double when all PlayDapp Town NFTs sold out after three presale rounds.

Gamers can use the PLA token everywhere in the PlayDapp ecosystem, so not only in PlayDapp Town. The developers are also working on an NFT marketplace, while expanding their blockchain game offering to new genres. In the near future shooters, role playing games and other virtual worlds could be a part of the PLA ecosystem. 

The first NFTs PlayDapp will sell for their service are 6 types of PlayDapp Town NFTs based on existing characters. In this presale they will sell 15,200 NFT characters over three rounds. Gamers who buy NFT characters from the presale will get limited-edition items in future PlayDapp games.

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NFT market in 2021 so far

During the first four months of 2021, the NFT market has seen tremendous growth. This market segment was responsible for more than $2 billion in trading volume, driven by projects like NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks, and Rarible. The majority of that volume came from the Ethereum blockchain, followed by Flow. 

Gaming is seen as an interesting use case for NFTs because it gives the technology usability across one or multiple applications. A digital sword doesn’t only look nice as a trophy on the wall of a virtual home, but it’s also very useful to slay monsters in a role-playing game. That’s also why the proposition of PlayDapp’s NFT is interesting, because they will add more utility as long as their ecosystem remains vibrant. 

Interoperability is generally considered the holy grail for NFTs in the gaming industry. PlayDapp’s NFTs will enable interoperability for games across their own ecosystem, which is a big first step to wider adoption. 


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