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DappRadar relaunches crypto token exchange and bridge in partnership with LI.FI

DappRadar is excited to welcome back our crypto token swap feature, but improved with cross-chain bridging functionality thanks to our partnership with LI.FI. This revamped product allows users to discover an ecosystem or project, and directly purchase the required token.  

Through DappRadar, Web3 enthusiasts can discover for example upcoming ecosystems and growing dapp projects. After seeing the data in the Rankings and on the project page, DappRadar now allows these explorers to take action immediately. Simply connect your wallet, and swap any token or any of the supported chains, for the token you really want. 

To celebrate this new feature on DappRadar, we have launched a Quest. Anybody with a DappRadar account can complete the requirements, and 10 random winners will receive 10,000 RADAR each. This Quest will remain active for one month, ending on 24 February.

Token Swap support

Token Swap is powered by LiFi, and supports every cryptocurrency across 18 supported chains. Among these you’ll find the usual suspects, including Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. However, there’s also support for smaller, growing ecosystems such as Polygon zkEVM, Fantom, Linea, Moonriver, Fuse, Aurora (NEAR) and Boba.

The bridge and exchange service on DappRadar, powered by LI.FI, supports a wide variety of EVM chains.

Benefits for PRO members

Token Swap can be used by anybody. However, being a PRO member gives you a discount on the services fees. This means that the PRO membership becomes extra interesting for those who move to different chains a lot. 

  • Normal users pay 0.6% service fee. 
  • PRO members get a 50% discount.

Where to find Token Swap

Users can find the Token Swap feature on various token pages. It’s placed on the top right, and you can access it by pressing the “Swap” button. 

DappRadar has integrated Token Swap on the following pages:

  • Token project pages, for example RADAR 
  • Chain project pages, for example Polygon

Simply find your favorite token through our Token Rankings, click on a token and find the “Swap” button in the top right. Or discover an interesting dapp, see whether there’s a token associated, click it, to finally find the “Swap” button at the top right of the page.

Where does the liquidity come from?

DappRadar has integrated a service from LI.FI, our partner and a cross-chain bridge aggregator. This service uses existing DeFi infrastructure to give our users the best price possible at the time of the trade request.

How can you swap a token on DappRadar? 

Once you arrive at a token project page, you will find the “Swap” button in the top right corner of our website. Click it, and our token swapping tool will pop up. 

Token Swap on DappRadar allows users to bridge their assets from one chain to another. In this example MANA on Ethereum is being bridged and swapped into RADAR on BNB Chain. All powered by LI.FI.
  1. Make sure your wallet is connected to DappRadar
  2. In the From section: Select from which chain you want to swap, and then which token
  3. In the To section: Select which token you want to receive on which chain
  4. Press “Exchange” to start the swapping process. 
  5. Then press “Review bridge” to see a detailed description of the bridging process and the costs involved. 
  6. And then finally press “Start bridging”, this will trigger your Web3 wallet (i.e. MetaMask)
  7. Approve the spending limit, and then approve the transaction (potentially 2 on-chain actions that both require a gas fee)
  8. Wait a few moments, because bridging can take minutes up to a few hours. 

Congratulations, you now have new tokens on the blockchain of your choice.

See your transaction history

At the top of the Token Swap module, you have the option to click 📜. This scroll will unveil your transaction history. It will tell you what you swapped, for which other token and when you did so. 

Clicking on each transaction will give you detailed insights into the bridging process. In addition there’s a Support ID, which users need if they run into any issues. Support for Token Swap is done by LI.FI through their Discord. 

How to bridge and send crypto

DappRadar’s Token Swap allows users to bridge and swap tokens, but also to send them to another wallet. This could be a good way to move your assets around, or to give some crypto to friends and family. 

This is how you do it: 

  1. Simply click the wallet button next to “Exchange”, when creating a swap. 
  2. Then provide the wallet address of the receiver
  3. And continue the bridging process
You can send your swapped and bridged crypto to another wallet, all in one transaction. Powered by LI.FI and DappRadar.

Token Swap options

Pressing the tools button ⚙️ opens up the Settings for Token Swap. Here you can choose a language, but more importantly alter the parameters of your swaps. We strongly recommend only doing this if you’re an experienced DeFi user. 

The settings of DappRadar's token exchange and bridge can be accessed from the tool. Allowing users to set the slippage, gas price and disable or enable supported bridges and exchanges. Powered by LI.FI and DappRadar.

You can change the following options: 

  • Route priority: recommended, fast, cheap or safe
  • Slippage: standard 0.5%
  • Gas price: normal, slow or fast
  • Show destination wallet: yes or no (standard yes) 
  • Enabled bridges: select which of the 14 bridges you want to use (standard all)
  • Enabled exchanges: select which of 37 exchanges you want to use (standard all)

Become PRO, and trade cheap with DappRadar’s Token Swap

PRO members don’t only get a discount on our swap, but also get access to more data points, better customizable alerts and the ability to download historical data as a CSV file. PRO members are among the most engaged users in Web3, and they get access to all the tools needed to get an edge in this industry.

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