Browse Through NFT Collections and DeFi TVL Data on Celo

Browse Through NFT Collections and DeFi TVL Data on Celo

DappRadar now tracks the full suite of dapps on the Celo blockchain

DappRadar has added tracking capabilities for total value locked (TVL) on DeFi dapps on the Celo blockchain. What’s more, users can now browse through NFT collections, marketplaces, and top sales on Celo as well. This helps you gain a better understanding of the DeFi landscape on the network. Additionally, it gives you insights into the performance of the hottest NFT collections. 

The deeper integration of Celo in the wider DappRadar ecosystem puts DeFi dapps and NFT collections into the spotlight. Now users can analyze TVL across seven blockchains, including Celo. 

DeFi TVL data on Celo

Total value locked, or TVL, is one of the most important metrics in the DeFi space. It gives users a better understanding of how much money is locked on any given network. Having an idea of the dollar value locked on a chain allows users to draw more informed conclusions and make better decisions. 

At the time of writing, DappRadar tracks five dedicated DeFi dapps on Celo, which you can find here. TVL reflects how much value is being poured into DeFi dapps and can also indicate their popularity and overall appeal. Within DeFi rankings, users can now analyze TVL, native tokens and explore Celo dapps in more detail.

Celo NFTs and marketplaces

Aside from enhanced DeFi analytics, DappRadar now offers an in-depth look into the NFT ecosystem on Celo. As NFTs rose to prominence in 2021, more collections and projects explored alternative chains. Celo has a growing ecosystem of NFT projects and marketplaces. 

With the new integration, users can browse through all Celo-based NFT projects, the top NFT sales in the past 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days, and the top-performing NFT marketplaces. You can find all of this information here.

The NFT rankings page gives users information about the number of traders interacting with any given project, the trading volume it has attracted, and the number of sales it registered.

DappRadar has grown tremendously over the last 24 months, from a site that tracked a handful of networks and their dapps to the World’s Dapp Store. We introduced the world to our RADAR token, a Portfolio Manager with expanding features, token swap, and explorer, but also in-depth NFT, DeFi, and TVL tracking. Furthermore, DappRadar offers industry-leading valuation tools and reports to help guide the community even further.

As we continue to build out the dapp store of the future, we ask the community to participate, contribute and build it with us

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