Brawlers: All About The WAX Game Partnering With Amazon Prime

Brawlers_ All About The WAX Game Partnering With Amazon Prime
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Prime members will be able to access the Web3 game and earn exclusive in-game content

The launch of Brawlers on Amazon Prime Gaming aims to bring forth a new era of gaming. WAX announced the partnership with Amazon Prime’s gaming portal this October. Prime members will be introduced to the blockchain-based fight game and its Brawlers NFT characters. Learn more about it below.

Brawlers enables players to compete in a highly innovative head-to-head card game designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering.

Introducing Brawlers

Brawlers is a PvP card game leveraging NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Launched in March 2022, it was formerly known as Blockchain Brawlers and quickly rose to become one of the most popular play-and-earn games on the network.

Players battle and brawl with quirky wrestlers, compete in tournaments, have fun, and earn rewards.

Brawlers Gameplay WAX

Rewards come in the form of BRWL tokens, which holders can exchange for fiat currency. The outcome of a fight depends not only on the rarity of your Brawler but also on your abilities.

The Amazon Prime Gaming partnership

Included in the subscription cost of Amazon Prime. On top of that, the platform already registers 35 million monthly games and rewards redemptions.

Any Prime member who wishes to discover cool games can do so – and earn rewards – on Amazon Prime Gaming. Now, Prime Gaming members who link their in-game accounts will enjoy monthly opportunities to receive exclusive Brawlers in-game items, such as a complete set of in-game cards themed around holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win one of the 6 unique brawlers, which will become progressively rarer as the months roll on.

“Partnering with Amazon Prime Gaming marks a significant milestone in our development journey. Brawlers has already cemented  its place firmly within the web3 community, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce this incredible game to an even larger, global audience.”

Michael Rubinelli, Chief Gaming Officer at WAX

How to get started with Brawlers

Getting started with playing Brawlers is now easier than ever. You can download and play it through Epic Games Store and – if you hold an Amazon Prime membership, you can claim your special rewards on Amazon Prime Gaming.

How to play Brawlers on WAX

While owning your in-game assets, such as the Brawlers you play with, enhances gameplay and earning chances, you don’t need NFTs to play it. Anyone can test the game for free. This makes any gamer’s first contact with the blockchain-based fun and loving game much smoother.

But if you want to own better Brawlers to play better and earn BRWL tokens, you can shop for more assets on Brawlers Marketplace.

On each PvP match, you choose a Brawler NFT to visibly represent you in the Ring, and also your load out of 11 cards (8 deck cards ordered 1 to 8). Next, choose your moves to win.

Play-and-earn Brawlers for free

Gamers who wish to try out Brawlers with no strings attached and do so by registering for a Brawlers account and logging into the game. Once on the game interface, visit the “Loadout” section and find the free assets you can use to get started (not NFTs). These include:

  • 8 Deck cards
  • 1 Attack Move
  • 1 Finisher Move
  • 1 Taunt Move
  • 1 Brawler

Enhanced gameplay with in-game WAX NFTs

To take advantage of advanced options like NFT enhancements, customizing characters and earning BRWL, players will need a blockchain wallet. Brawlers integrates with Cloudwallet for this purpose. Every player receives a complimentary Cloudwallet account upon game registration. Additionally, there’s a mode within the game where players can earn the BRWL cryptocurrency, which can be transferred to their Cloudwallet.

You can shop for additional NFT assets to personalize your loadout by browsing the Brawlers store. The three types include:

  • Brawlers: In-game characters and WAX NFTs you’ll wrestle with.
  • Deck Cards: decks of 32 cards to use in matches.
  • Moves: attack, finisher and taunt wrestling moves to use in the matches, such as Choke Slams, Sleeper Holds, Nutmegs, and Steel Justice.

Players have the flexibility to entirely modify the appearance and essence of their individual game setup. And if you wish, you can also sell your NFTs or trade them for better offers. 

The BRWL token

Brawlers has its own in-game token, called BRWL. BRWL serves as a medium for value exchange in player-to-player transactions and can be earned through brawling.

The team behind Brawlers

Brawlers is the flagship title of Tyranno Studios, previously known as WAX Game Studios. Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli headed up the initiative. The 25-year gaming industry veteran was an influential figure in the free-to-play revolution.

Richard Garfield is also a big part of the development team. He’s a math professor and game designer, best known for the popular collectible card game (CCG) Magic: The Gathering. He was brought in to make the player-versus-player element of the game as exciting and strategic as possible. Speaking on the partnership, Richard Garfield said:

“Teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming marks a new chapter for Brawlers and the broader Web3 gaming sector. We aim to set new benchmarks in the integration of the gaming universe into Web3.”

For gaming enthusiasts eager to enter the Brawlerverse on Amazon Prime Gaming, more information can be found via their active Discord community

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