BloctoSwap and Ecosystem Increasingly Dominant on Flow


BloctoSwap volume up 110% in 30 days

BloctoSwap, one of the main forces in the Blocto ecosystem, is performing remarkably well on the Flow blockchain. In the past thirty days, the exchange saw a 110% increase in the volume passing through its smart contracts, reaching upwards of one million in Flow, or about $36.6 million at the time of writing.

In addition to the rise in volume, BloctoSwap also saw an increase in the number of transactions processed and the number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform. This is a great indicator for the future success of BloctoSwap, especially on the Flow blockchain. 


BloctoSwap is central to the development of the whole Blocto ecosystem. In addition, the combination of numerous products is what makes Blocto great. In the Flow ecosystem of dapps, Blocto offers the only combination between a decentralized exchange (BloctoSwap) and an integrated wallet – Blocto Wallet

This combination of services makes the purchase and storage of crypto and NFTs much easier. Blocto Wallet has the Blocto DEX easily accessible from within the app itself. This means users can reach the swapping service in a matter of seconds. Not only that, the DEX is already automatically connected with the corresponding Flow wallet. This easy integration is part of the reason why BloctoSwap is steadily attracting new users and boosting its volume. 

BloctoSwap diversifies Flow

BloctoSwap is the first decentralized exchange to launch on Flow. While projects like NBA Top Shot and MotoGP Ignition explore Flow’s capabilities in terms of NFTs and games, BloctoSwap is the first to take Flow into the DeFi and DEX sector. 

The whole Blocto ecosystem is created with user experience in mind. The Blocto team is looking to create a seamless bridge between various services and tools. For example, with Blocto Wallet, you can easily store and view your NBA Top Shot NFTs. As easily, you can switch to the DEX tab and start exchanging cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, as Blocto Wallet is a mobile application, users can easily perform all these actions on the go. Bringing blockchain technology on mobile is one of the more global goals of the Blocto ecosystem. By creating applications and services accessible from smartphones, Blocto aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and mobile.

The ease of use and accessibility of both Blocto Wallet and BloctoSwap are some of the main incentives for users to start transacting on the Flow blockchain. As we can see, BloctoSwap is steadily growing its audience, and DappRadar will continue monitoring the development of the first DEX on Flow. 

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