Blockchain Game Review: BlockLords

blocklords review

Taking a closer look at the best blockchain games.

Blocklords is a strategy game set in medieval Europe. Players create heroes, trade items, conquer cities, and earn taxes on sales made within their realm.

The development team dream of a future where a user-driven economy exists. Where players will be able to earn an income from their in-game activities.

Protocol: ETH | TRON | NEO | LOOM

How to play Blocklords

When a new account is registered, the player will be able to create his very own hero. Each hero will have a unique name, attributes, and set of items.

Base hero stats and items will determine the battle outcome. Since items are unique, getting lucky at this point could also mean turning an immediate profit. Rare items could be sold in the market for a higher price. 

Because a hero’s base attributes and stats cannot be changed easily after being created it is important to make informed choices before selecting. You can find an overview of each different BlockLords attribute and what it does.

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