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blockchain web3 games with staking
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Passive income for Web3 gamers

If you’re a gamer sitting on dapp tokens, you can put them to use by locking them into staking contracts. Then you can sit back, enjoy your RPG or card trading entertainment, and watch as your tokens accrue. Here’s a list of 10 games with staking you can play and earn rewards.


  • Aavegotchi
  • Alien Worlds
  • Axie Infinity
  • The Fabled
  • Mechachain
  • NFT Worlds
  • The Sandbox
  • Sipher
  • Splinterlands
  • Step App


Individuals can stake their GHST cryptocurrency in Aavegotchi by locking it into smart contracts in return for GAX Liquidity Token Rewards (GLTR). There are seven pools of token pairings:

  • wapGHST

Once users deposit their tokens in pools, they receive corresponding LP tokens. They then must stake their LP tokens in the Aavegotchi dapp to receive GLTR tokens. GLTR can be used to upgrade buildings in the Gotchiverse, mint new items and more.

Alien Worlds

Staking in Alien Worlds is the process of locking up your TLM (Alien Worlds’ native token) to earn rewards and participate in the governance of the ecosystem. By staking, you contribute to the security and decentralization of the ecosystem while also earning TLM as a reward.

To stake your TLM in Alien Worlds, you first need to have some TLM tokens in your wallet. Then, you can go to the staking section of the Alien Worlds website or use a supported wallet to access the staking interface.

From there, you can choose how much TLM you want to stake and for how long. Once you confirm the transaction, your TLM will be locked up, and you will start earning rewards based on the staking period and the amount of TLM you have staked.

Axie Infinity

By staking their AXS tokens through the staking dashboard, users can earn AXS rewards, and in the future, gain voting rights and influence over the use of the Community Treasury, which currently holds over a billion dollars in tokens. Staking went live on 30 September 2021, after multiple delays, and was considered a significant moment.

AXS Staking

With the recent update, users can now stake 30 land plots in one transaction, and AXS staking rewards will be provided.

The Fabled

Players can stake their ABYS tokens with action RPG The Fabled for a specific duration to obtain periodic rewards, based on the amount and duration of the lock-up. Rewards come in five tiers:

  • Tier I – Potions, food, other consumables 
  • Tier II – Rings, Amulets and everything from the previous tier
  • Tier III – Weapons and everything from the previous tiers
  • Tier IV – Characters and everything from the previous tiers
  • Tier V – Land / Creatures and everything from the previous tiers

Players must complete in-game challenges over a certain period of time to receive these rewards. Staking is facilitated by platforms like Xenum.


Staking enables automatic Mechanium rewards based on the APR percentage for a period ranging from 3 to 15 months. Additionally, staking provides the opportunity to obtain passes that whitelist a user for upcoming NFT sales.

When staking $1000 worth of MECHA tokens, the tokens become inaccessible during the staking period. The rewards obtained through staking are automatically locked for six months to maximize the effect of the APY before being unlocked after 180 days through a process called vesting. The “Rewards” and “Vesting” sections allow users to monitor and lock their rewards.

NFT Worlds

When someone stakes an NFT World, they unlock several benefits. Staking the NFT World generates WRLD tokens at regular intervals, even without additional action from the owner. World owners have the option to claim their WRLD tokens earned from staking at any time.

Furthermore, a staked world may be made available for rent by the owner, who can set the monthly price, the minimum and maximum rental period. The World Manager dapp provides rental management services for the staked World.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox uses SAND as its utility and governance token. The community is encouraged to think about the long-term vision and benefits of The Sandbox to maintain a robust ecosystem.

Staking programs that lock tokens are introduced to support this vision and foster trust among community members. The Ethereum liquidity providing program has been discontinued. Right now all staking takes place on the Polygon blockchain, allowing users to stake their SAND for SAND rewards, while Land NFT ownership gives a significant boost to the reward earnings.

SAND Staking

Additional opportunities will be provided in the future to increase the potential rewards for SAND owners.


The SIPHER Staking Program ended on 14 December 2022. It had been a year since the program’s inception, during which eligible participants received SIPHER tokens.

Watch SIPHER gameplay

With the program’s conclusion, all SIPHER Staking Program participants were encouraged to withdraw any unlocked SIPHER or Liquidity Pool Tokens from the SIPHER staking contracts and claim their rewards if they hadn’t done so already.

A step-by-step guide was created to assist eligible participants with the SIPHER withdrawal and claiming process. The claim and withdrawal options remained active until 14 December, 2023.


In order to earn SPS staking rewards, participate in governance, or participate in special offers, promotions, and bonuses available to SPS holders, it is mandatory to stake Splintershards (SPS) tokens.

Staked SPS tokens cannot be liquidated, transferred or sold. It is possible to unstake staked SPS tokens over four weeks, where 25% of the total amount of tokens are converted to liquid SPS tokens at the end of each of the four weeks from when the unstaking operation is initiated.

Tokens can be held and staked either in a BNB Chain wallet address or in a Splinterlands game account on the Hive blockchain. Tokens staked in a BNB wallet address can only participate in governance votes related to the DAO, while tokens staked in either location can participate in governance votes related to the game and earn rewards from the SPS Staking Rewards pool.

Step App

Step App introduced the first-ever perpetual staking system. Stake once to continue earning yield and the chance to win loot boxes. There is no lock on the adjustable staking; stakers are free to exit whenever they want. But there is a 14-day cooldown time after staking, so you’ll need to wait that long to fully unlock your staked tokens.

There are also rewards for long-term stakers. APR increases at two months, six months and 12 months intervals, meaning that it pays to have tokens locked into the dapp smart contracts for a long period of time.

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