Blockchain Games to Bring Those Halloween Festivities to You

Blockchain Games to Bring Those Halloween Festivities to You

Best games to spice up the spooky season

It’s that time of year again to celebrate all things spooky. A great way to kick off the fun is to play some games with a spine-chilling atmosphere. So, do you like scary games or games with creepy content but lighthearted? We have prepared a list of games that are great to play during Halloween. What’s more, they even offer special rewards for you to grab!


Halloween is around the corner, which puts us all in the mood to get spooky. But more importantly, it’s time to take part in DappRadar’s Halloween Hunt! No tricks, just treats for our members competing for some killer prizes. Pumpkin lattes on the house for the winners announced on the 2nd of November.

Apart from that, cozying up on the couch and watching a scary movie or reading a scary novel seems like a great vibe. But video games are the way to go if you want an immersive, interactive Halloween experience.

For that, we’ve prepared a diverse list of games, including cute and thrilling, single-player and multiplayer, combat and co-op, and more. So, no matter your gaming tastes, a Halloween game is waiting for you.

Now with a scary atmosphere lingering in the air, are you ready to take control of your fate?

Let’s get the Axieween party started.


Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the most recognizable title in the Web3 gaming space. Every day, the loyal support of tens of thousands of users often sends the game to the top of the DappRadar game ranking. Millions of transactions are generated on Axie’s smart contracts each month.

In this game, users can breed unique characters called Axies and take them into battles. These cute characters are now ready to celebrate their spooky party, Axieween! Various Axies in Origin have special “ghosts” following them around again! Furthermore, the game added new Halloween-themed background for battles during the Halloween season.

In addition, Axie Infinity took the opportunity to inform the community about its latest progress. This mainly includes several bug fixes and experience enhancements in the game.

Craft some Halloween decorations and win GHST

Wacky little ghosts appear through portals. What could be more fitting for Halloween than Aavegotchi? The Gotchiverse has announced the start of another Halloween celebration, the Aavegotchi Halloween Contest. 

In this event, the users who create the greatest Halloween vibes will be rewarded with GHST, in-app tokens of the Aavegotchi game. The rules are simple.

  1. Craft Halloween decorations and utilize decorations, tiles, and Installations to create the best Halloween-themed Gotchiverse Parcel design.
  2. Submit a screenshot of your parcel(s) and provide the parcel ID(s) for all parcels used in your entry to gravy#0870 via Discord by Friday, October 28th at 10 am EST / 2 pm UTC. 
  3. Join the GotchiGang hangout in Discord on Saturday, October 29th, at 10 am EST / 2 pm UTC to celebrate Halloween and vote on the winners!

Find the treats in Sandbox Alpha 3’s Halloween experience

Sandbox creates a full-on Halloween atmosphere for players as this virtual world is filled with moments of tension and chills. The Sandbox Alpha S3 map adds three new spooky experiences for players to explore. They are Pits of Hell, Hell’s Gate, and Deja Vu. 

Sandbox’s Halloween games are a perfect choice if you are not much into darkness and horror and just want to get involved in the spooky atmosphere. Get lost in the unknown space, meet with ghosts, skeletons, and other typical Halloween characters, and there is enough exciting content throughout the game for you to enjoy.

Alice’s Farm Halloween Party fills the Binance NFT Marketplace with extra joy

Binance NFT Marketplace’s Halloween spirit is lifted by My Neighbour Alice. In this multiplayer builder game, anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. 

The game will launch the ‘Alice’s Farm Halloween Party’ NFT series on the Binance NFT marketplace on October 31, 2022, at 11:00 AM (UTC). The series features limited edition in-game NFT assets, each NFT in a spooky pouch priced at 10BUSD.

The spooky pouches come in 4 rarity levels, Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR). Most importantly, players can use the NFTs in this collection in 3 of My Neighbor Alice’s games: My Neighbor Alice game, Alice’s Mysterious Seed mini-game, and the upcoming Alice’s Secret Closet mini-game.

Jigsaw wants to play a survival game

“I want to play a game” If you’ve seen Saw, once you hear this line, your mind will certainly ring with the film’s creepy music and be scared again by the bloody scary scenes. But this next game is worth your attention if you are a big fan of the Saw franchise and have finished the entire collection.

The SAW movie franchise will ignite the Halloween fun with a series of gaming experiences. Gutsy players will face three terrifying challenges in the SAW universe. The first challenge is “Acid Bath” on October 31, then ” Bucket of Blood” and “Incinerator” will happen on November 2 and 4. Those who complete the challenges will win prizes, including a visit to the SAW film set, BAYC and Doodles NFTs, and your name appearing in the next movie.

To reap these fantastic prizes, players must obtain a “SAW Game Pass” from one of the partner marketplaces. The pass is available at outlets such as Magic Eden and Gamestop NFT Marketplace.

PS5 and Netflix Vouchers, Thetan Arena’s Halloween is no-trick and all about treats.

Thetan Arena’s Spookyarena event does not require users to battle or climb a leaderboard. Instead, with just a few simple steps, you’ll have the chance to win attractive prizes like PS5 and Netflix Vouchers.

To participate in this event, follow this link to the event page and complete the steps below.

  • Step 1: Tweet with #spookyrena #freeboxhalloween, and your userID
  • Step 2: Claim Halloween Box on Thetan Marketplace
  • Step 3: Fill in your userID

Have a spooktacular Halloween in Arc8

The mobile gaming platform Arc8 introduces two spine-chilling competitions that allow players to win unique G-Bot NFTs. These NFTs can grant owners access to exclusive games such as Dark Lords and Energy Wars.

The first one is Run! Competition which takes place from Oct 27–31 at 1 pm UTC. Players can roam around the haunted maze to search for loot in the latest game to hit the Arc8 platform. Rack up enough accumulated points, and you’ll be in with a chance to win prizes.

The second is Jeepers’ Riddle, running from October 28 to Nov 1. Each day, there will be a new clue about where Jeepers are hiding. The first ten correct answers will automatically receive a Jeepers G-Bot Starter!

Find more games on DappRadar’s Game Ranking page

If those games aren’t good enough, check out the DappRadar Game Ranking page! Again, there is a wide variety of games, from shooters to MMOs, virtual worlds, and much more. What’s better, you can find multi-dimensional information about each game in its single dapp page, including active wallets, the number of transactions, whether it is supported with Boost Power from players, and more.

Find the game of your dream now, and don’t forget to join our Halloween Hunt!

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