Blockchain Game Review: Upland

dapp review

Taking a closer look at the best blockchain games

In this dapp review, we take a look at the EOS game Upland. Hailed for its simplified gameplay and taking care of complex blockchain processes in the background. Upland has been rising through the dapp game rankings.

One great feature of Upland is that users are not asked to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. The developer takes care of that process and of course, users still hold their private keys.

Currently available in an open beta test with San Francisco as the starting location. Players can buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses.

dapp review

To celebrate Upland’s launch and recent success. From the 25th March through to the 8th April 2020. New users can receive a double sign up bonus when registering using this browser link.

Please note: You will only get this bonus if you use the browser link (via web or mobile). If you sign up through the mobile app, you’ll only get standard 3,000 UPX. (Note: multiple accounts are not allowed!)

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