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Discover a blast of innovation and find dapps on Blast, the new Layer-2 network

With a big bang, DappRadar is excited to announce that Web3 enthusiasts can now discover dapps built on Blast. Developers can list their dapps on Blast, allowing Web3 enthusiasts and communities to track and analyze their favorite dapps. Every project building on Blast can list their product or service for free. 

With the Blast mainnet going live on 29 February, the DappRadar team has worked relentlessly to ensure tracking functionality for decentralized applications on Blast. Through the Rankings, users can now find all the information they need to analyze and track projects built on Blast. 

Every dapp or tool on Blast also has its own project page, giving users additional insights in the success. Users get access to unique metrics, allowing them to filter the rankings based on Unique Active Wallets (UAW), the number of transactions or other Web3 defining metrics.

Trending projects with Hot Contracts

DappRadar has integrated Blast into Hot Contracts, a newly launched feature allowing users to see live what are the trending smart contracts on a blockchain. DappRadar PRO members, stake 30,000 RADAR to get the membership, have exclusive access to this feature, allowing them to see which contracts are the most popular.

Hot Contracts is designed to allow DappRadar users to find opportunities as early as possible on Polygon, but PRO members can also use the service on BNB Chain, Ethereum and Blast.

As soon as a contract gets deployed on a supported blockchain, it will show up on our radar. For example, right now there are multiple contracts for a BLASTPEPE memecoin, but which one do you pick? Hot Contracts allows you to see the number of active wallets interacting with the contract, giving you an idea of what’s trending and what is not.

Earn native yield on Blast

The development team announced Blast in November 2023, and only 4 months later they launched their mainnet on 29 February 2024. Under the leadership of pacman, the developer also responsible for the Blur marketplace, this Ethereum Layer-2 network wants to offer the Web3 ecosystem a unique product. 

Blast stands out thanks to the introduction of native yield for various cryptocurrencies, including ETH, USDC, USDT and DAI. Instead of locking away or staking assets to earn yield, Blast will allow users to hold these assets in their wallet on Blast. Each of these tokens automatically generates yield as soon as they are bridged to Blast. 

Blast will get the yield through two initiatives: 

  1. ETH staking, to support the network’s operations and security. 
  2. On-chain treasury bill (T-bill) protocols, offering a return on stablecoins over a period of time

List Blast projects on DappRadar for free

If you’re part of a community, and you notice that a Blast project isn’t listed on DappRadar, please notify the developers that they can do that for free. By listing a project on DappRadar, developers can showcase it to the world. 

Simply navigate to our Developer Dashboard, register for a DappRadar account, fill out the required information, and submit your application. Once approved, the dapp will be visible to users worldwide, boosting a project’s visibility and potential for success.

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